Emboldened by the Botanical Garden’s early successes, the Strategic Planning Committee has asked, “What can the Garden become and what purposes should it serve? How can it most fully realize the promise of a living museum encompassing indigenous and adapted plants and the diverse populations of the region? What questions about climate, water use, renewable energy, and sustainability can such an organization help to answer? What are the best ways to encourage all comers to learn about the relationship of plants and people? How can the Garden help to build on the reputation and attractiveness of this community to visitors, who expect world-class cultural institutions and amenities when they visit? Located at the confluence of spiritual, artistic and historic traditions, how can the Botanical Garden serve as gathering place, a locus for complementary presentations of the arts and sciences?

It is with these questions in mind, as well as Santa Fe’s unique setting and history, that led the Board of Directors to embark at this pivotal time on a reexamination of its vision for an extraordinary future for the Botanical Garden. The Goals and Objectives contained in this Strategic Plan set forth a Vision for growth and enhancement of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden over the next five years.