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Marketing and Communications Community eConference 2020

In this all-day eConference, experts explored how brand shapes your culture and how your culture brings your brand to life. Hear from the experts on the importance of providing excellent guest experiences and why consistent messaging for both your internal and external audiences is so important. Discover how good storytelling can give your brand depth and personality, and in turn lead to brand loyalty.  

3:16 Aligning Brand & Culture, Rob Elias, Tucson Botanical Gardens

Pretty but pungent: the curious case of the callery pear

This webinar will provide a general overview of the introduction, range, impact and possible management strategies for callery pear in the U.S. Callery pear is one of the most rapidly spreading invasive plants in the eastern U.S.  This plant stems from cultivars of ornamental pears, most commonly the Bradford pear. Callery pears can also easily be spread by birds and other wildlife.

ESD for 2030: The Future Depends on Us!

The United Nations has established a new decade, beginning in 2020, focused on the power of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). “ESD for 2030” calls for educators to help advance new skills, empower youth, increase public awareness, and build community partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Kim Smith, Portland Community College Sociology Instructor and co-founder of the Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network (GPSEN), highlights sustainability projects around the world, UNESCO’s ESD vision, and how we can all help create a sustainable future.

Tree Function in Stormwater Biofilters

This seminar includes an invited presentation by Jon Hathaway, Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee Knoxville titled, “Tree Function in Stormwater Biofilters: The Green in Green Infrastructure” and a panel discussion with Mike Perniel (Minneapolis Park Board), Larry Baker (University of Minnesota) and Jon Hathaway on the topic of tree function in stormwater biofilters.

How to Add More Revenue Streams to Your Event

Wouldn’t you love to find ways to raise more money at your fundraising events?  Right now you are probably doing a typical silent auction and raffle, maybe a paddle raise, but you feel like you are missing the boat when it comes to really maximizing your event’s revenue.

How to find additional revenue hiding in your events:

  • How to assign value to event elements (also known as ‘assets’)​
  • How to turn event assets into revenue (i.e. logo-branded auction paddles)
  • How to sell event assets to companies and sponsors


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