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Climate Change Education: What Works?

A variety of resources are available to help educators design climate change units and lessons for their students. Which strategies are most effective will depend more on the goal of the lessons than the ability of the students. Our recent systematic literature review identified 49 research papers that reported effective strategies for teaching about climate change. The resulting themes suggest that elementary through university students can increase climate science knowledge with relevant, meaningful, and experiential exercises - but most science teachers know that.

Natural Areas Association Webinar Series

The Natural Areas Association Webinar Series covers a wide variety of conservation related topics that are useful to public gardens that manage natural areas and want to learn more about tools, strategies, and best practices. Learn from a wide variety of presenters in the public and private sectors. Concepts and practices will be of interest to land managers, conservationists, and botanists nationwide.

Yale Climate Connections

Yale Climate Connections aims to help citizens and institutions understand how the changing climate is already affecting our lives. It seeks to help individuals, corporations, media, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, academics, artists, and more learn from each other about constructive “solutions” so many are undertaking to reduce climate-related risks and wasteful energy practices.


Tech Tuesday Webinar Series: Data and Digitizing

Organized by the Association's TIPS Professional Section

In this webinar, Russell Walker, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, covers the following themes:

1. Discovering Member Use and Behaviors
2. Enabling Discovery for Members - Growing the Garden
3. Discovering the Impact of your Garden Assets
4. Some Thoughts on Crafting a Compelling Message to the Multi-generational Membership: Appealing the Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers

Tech Tuesday Webinar Series: Rapidly Evolving Tech: How do you keep up?

Organized by the Association's TIPS Professional Section

This 1 hour webinar will present three institutional perspectives on technology strategies, implementation, and assessment of impact. Presenters will explore what guides strategy and the practical approaches they have utilized. There will be time for questions and answers.



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