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Diversity is Magic: Emerging issues in selecting appropriate native plants for ecosystem restoration

Selecting species and seed from appropriate sources to maximize project success faces many challenges, and this presentation will review plant selection for ecosystem diversity for economically and ecologically practical outcomes. Habitat degradation and loss have accelerated globally, resulting in loss of biological diversity and species endangerment at unprecedented scales. Restoring habitats that provide ecosystem services necessary for all life is crucial.

Invasive Species Control Using Goats

The use of livestock to control undesirable vegetation is growing in popularity. However, less is known about the pros and cons of this technique in comparison to other management methods, such as herbicide, cutting, and burning. In this webinar, Dr. Katherine Marchetto, post-doctoral associate at University of Minnesota, will discuss her research on the effects of goat browsing on the invasive shrub common buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) and on overall plant diversity and composition. Dr. Marchetto will focus on two studies: 1.

Resilient Design Assistance in the Mid-Atlantic

In 2019, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) worked directly with stakeholder communities to identify and facilitate policy and planning measures that promote green infrastructure and help address flood management and water quality needs. The Resilient Design Assistance Tool, developed as part of EPA’s Water Technology and Innovation Initiative, is a design method that fosters multi-functional and distinct neighborhoods that provide communities with a variety of environmental benefits.

Focus on Re-Opening Part II: Marketing & Communications Community Town Hall

The Association's Marketing & Communications Community focuses on re-opening experiences. Features two very different reopening experiences from the Huntington Botanical Garden and Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and discussions moderated by Vice-Chair Mackenzie Knight-Fochs of The Friends of West Laurel Hill and Laurel Hill Cemetery (Philadelphia). Recorded 5/19/2020

Fundraising in Uncertain Times

When the world is chaotic, fundraising feels like a big challenge. But you still need the money, right? At this moment – maybe more than ever – your organization will benefit from a solid fundraising plan that responds to the needs of your donors and your community. Watch nonprofit fundraising trainer Andy Robinson discuss:

Bioretention Soil Media, Vegetation, and Maintenance

he Minnesota Stormwater Seminar Series brings nationally recognized experts in stormwater management and green infrastructure to Minnesota for dialogue and discussion. This seminar includes an invited presentation by Stephanie Hurley, Gund Fellow and Associate Professor at the University of Vermont Department of Plant and Soil Science. She is also the director of the UVM Bioretention Laboratory.


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