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Diversity & Inclusion Educational Forum for Associations

Dynamic Benchmarking has created a specialized maturity model that allows companies to easily see where they fall on the diversity, equity and inclusion maturity curve including:

  • Where they stack up today with their DE&I practices
  • Where improvement is needed
  • How their current DEI performance compares to their peers

Get started by listening to Kim Drumgo, CDO, of Anthem as she discusses the challenges associated with Diversity and Inclusion in today's world and answers your questions about D&I.

How does a cross-sector partnership collaborate to retain forestland in the South?

Keeping Forests is a regional partnership with the mission to conserve the 245 million acres of remaining southern forests by supporting private landowners and shedding light on why this land matters. Our partners represent a wide diversity of stakeholders and interests ranging from conservationists to private landowners to global corporations and government agencies. In this discussion, our partners will share Keeping Forests’ strategic approaches, successes and lessons learned in 2020, and chart a path forward for 2021.

Biocultural stewardship: Transforming our urban and community forestry practices

Diverse perspectives and approaches to learning and knowing can strengthen our work in urban and community forestry. Indigenous and local knowledge is embedded in the concept of biocultural stewardship - an approach to working with communities recognizing that the stewardship of place is inseparable from the stewardship of people, and that cultural resources are as important as natural resources. A shift towards biocultural stewardship can help cultivate sustainability and well-being in communities undergoing rapid environmental, social, and climate changes.

Reflecting on 2020: Navigating the Trials, Triumphs & Transformation of Cultural Organizations in the Pandemic Era

2020 has been a challenging and transformative year for the cultural sector. When museums first closed their doors in March, no one could have predicted the profound era of disruption and change the COVID-19 pandemic would usher in for cultural institutions. Over the past 10 months, organizations have taken new approaches to community engagement, spearheaded innovative digital initiatives, scaled novel virtual programs, developed new revenue streams, and learned to serve audiences onsite in entirely new ways.

The Stories We Tell: Reflective Writing to Examine How Nature, Diversity, and Place Influence our Teaching

In the first in a series of two workshops that will focus on using reflective writing as a means of promoting diversity and inclusion. In this eeINSPIRE webinar, we will use brief excerpts from books as inspiration and take a little time to discuss and write about our personal relationships with nature and specifically look back at our own childhoods. We will then come back together to consider how reflective writing can strengthen our personal lives and professional work.

Selecting the Right Interpretive Tool for Your Garden

How do you create that perfect combination of interpretive vehicles to reach your various audiences? Our panelists explore the right mix of brochures, QR codes, signage, apps, and other tools to connect our visitors to our beautiful garden spaces. Explore expectations for each interpretive tool as well as the target audiences and driving factors for selecting these tools for your garden. Hear from gardens in different geographic settings and about the process, challenges, and benefits of developing interpretive tools for diverse audiences.


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