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Hurricane Harvey - Catastrophic Climate Preparation and Recovery - What University of Houston - Downtown Experienced

Hurricane Harvey of 2017 is tied with 2005's Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone on record, inflicting $125 billion in damage, primarily from catastrophic rainfall-triggered flooding in the Houston metropolitan area and Southeast Texas.

Indirect fatalities: 39 

Direct fatalities: 68

Category: Category 4 Hurricane (SSHWS)

Affected areas: Texas, Louisiana, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, MORE

Learning Objectives: 1. Prepare for the Worst 2. Adjusters and Consultants 3. Remediation Then Renovation 4. Recovery – People and Expenses

Equipment for Mechanical Cultivation

Weed management is often cited as the top production challenge in organic systems, and organic growers primarily manage weeds with soil disturbance. This method of weed control can be counterproductive to soil-health. This webinar will be a virtual field day looking at new tools that cause less soil disturbance. Sam will also discuss management techniques that can reduce the need for later mechanical weed control.

Creating Participatory Public Gardens: Reflections from the OF/BY/FORALL Camp

Learn how the Allen Centennial Garden in Madison, Wisconsin is implementing strategies learned at the OF/BY/FOR ALL boot camp hosted by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (The MAH). ACG is working to make a staff, board and content representative OF our community, programs co-created BY our community, in order to create an institution that is welcoming FOR our community. The Allen Centennial Garden believes in creating their programming with, not for, their intended audience and has seen a dramatic increase in visitation and engagement.

Trees: A Risk Worth Taking (most of the time)

The evidence is mounting around the compounding benefits of the urban forest. We know trees in cities clean air and water, reduce energy demands, and improve the people's overall quality of life. Yet, tree failure may have serious negative consequences. So, how can we maximize the good and minimize the risk associated with trees growing in the built environment?

This presentation will explore:

The Salt Dilemma: Growing Better Urban Trees in Northern Climates

Can urban trees and city winter weather protocols peacefully co-exist? Join us for a discussion of the latest research findings related to successfully growing trees under these conditions. Dr. Andrew Millward will walk us through his investigation of the surprising decline and mortality of trees planted using soil cells in a recent urban revitalization project in Toronto. While the research suggested salt was the culprit, there were a number of other factors. The project opened a discussion about changes to the way we design and manage urban trees.


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