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Finding Common Ground: Ethics Issues Find Unity among Museum Disciplines & Professions

Hear firsthand from the authors of the newly released American Alliance of Museums (AAM) white paper on museum ethics. Explore the similarities and differences between more traditional museums and living collections, including ethical issues unique to public gardens. Led by the American Public Gardens Association’s Plant Collections and Plant Conservation Professional Sections, a code of ethics for curators of living plant collections willl be developed.

Indigenous Plants, Peoples & Programs: Beyond the Exotic

From corpse flowers to night-blooming cacti, displaying and sharing exotic, charismatic specimens can greatly benefit our gardens and drive the gate, but many have even more to offer. Often these specimens hail from distant lands and bring with them compelling stories and human connections. These ethnobotanical roots can enrich interpretive content, programs, and collections.

Bringing Science to Life: How to Create & Maintain Education/Research Collaborations

Make the most of the research at your garden by sharing it with the public! Learn about the ways three gardens created programs that combined research with education and outreach activities for a variety of audiences. Share your own experiences and learn from colleagues as you create your own collaboration plan. You’ll leave this interactive presentation with examples, contacts, and concrete ideas for working successfully with scientists and horticulturists to engage the public.

Aim for the Top: Multiply Positive Change via Targeted Neighborhood Authority Landscaping Education

More than half of the U.S. population lives in coastal areas, including estuarine shores, and the long-term viability of these regions depends on estuary beauty and biodiversity. While homeowners may want to implement environmentally friendly landscaping practices to minimize impact on their region’s watershed, many areas are dominated by neighborhood Homeowner Associations (HOA’s) with strict rules on what is acceptable.


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