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Scaling-Up Your Urban Wood Opportunities: A Role for Everyonee

We are at a tipping point in local markets for urban-sourced wood all over the world.  In most large cities you can find entrepreneurs who are stocking up and preparing wood for a growing market. At this milestone event, we will reflect on the bottle necks to achieving success and share the way forward with two leaders in this new entrepreneurial field.  Katie Fernholz will bring us up to speed on the market opportunity, specific local needs, and the potential for provision of a stable, predictable, and reliable supply of wood.

New Tools for Identifying and Prioritizing Range Shifting Invasive Plants

Join Jenica Allen and Bethany Bradley to learn about new tools for identifying and prioritizing range-shifting invasive plants coming soon to a landscape near you. Whether you’re a property owner, land manager, landscape professional, or policymaker, these tools are for you. Drs. Allen and Bradley will provide a live demonstration of the tools and answer your questions about how climate change could influence invasive plants.

Why Are Trees Important? Human Health and Economics

An ever-growing, international body of research points to many human health and wellness benefits that result from nearby nature experiences. But what about trees? Two recent reviews have explored, first, the studies that focus on the urban forest and health response, and second, on the economics of human health effects. In this webinar Dr. Kathleen Wolf will share the highlights of both reviews.


Presentation from the October, 2019 Seeds of Engagement: Cultivating a Vibrant and Diverse Volunteer Program, Volunteer Engagement Community Symposium. 

Presented by: Catrina “Cat” Dillard
Volunteer & Guest Services Coordinator, North Carolina Arboretum 


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