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Sentinel Plant Network Toolbox

Bartlett: Sonic Tomography
Sonic tomography, or the use of sound waves to detect decay in trees, is a relatively new technology available to arborists.  This technology uses the differential speed of sound as it moves...
PRE Pairing for Success: Emerging Invasives, Contentious Cultivars, and Common Ground
Meet the science-based, horticultural plant risk analysis tool that is good for business and the environment. Known as PlantRight “PRE” (Plant Risk Evaluator), this 20-question, online...
Sentinel Plant Network
Plant pests and diseases kill millions of trees, both in our neighborhoods and in natural areas. This damage has a negative impact on vital ecosystem services like clean air and water and costs...
Invasive Plant Species Voluntary Codes of Conduct for Botanic Gardens & Arboreta
This document provides a voluntary code of conduct regarding the management of invasive plant species. Learn how to conduct an institution-wide review examining all departments and activities that...