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Sentinel Plant Network Toolbox

BHS: Distracted Driving Awareness & Defensive Driving
April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month as designated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Even though in recent years people are driving less due to Covid and changing...
BHS: International Travel Tips
As international travel resumes, it is important to follow key travel tips to ensure your safety as you travel. Preparation and planning by all involved are key to successful and productive...
BHS: Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays American Public Garden Community! Thank you for your continued dedication to creating safe, inviting spaces that educate, entertain and provide respite for all to enjoy. Wishing you a...
Bartlett: Needle Diseases of Conifers
Needlecast and needle blight are terms applied to a variety of foliage disorders of many coniferous species. These diseases are usually more severe on young trees or on trees growing outside of their...
BHS - AED Devices Save Lives: Additional Considerations for your Institution
AED devices have proven to save lives and have become an affordable tool formany private and public establishments to add to their safety and risk managementprogram. Occupational Safety and Health...
BHS: OSHA Log Requirements
Federal OSHA requires certain establishments to electronically report their OSHA injury log by March 2nd of each year. Institutions with 250 employees or more at a single location are automatically...
BHS: Building Stronger Virtual Connections
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, remote work was a fringe benefit for some organizations. Now, nearly 40% of employees have transitioned to remote working arrangements, according to a survey from...
BHS: Snow Removal Safety
The winter season brings on new challenges for Gardens related to the weather. Snowfall and wet weather create need for thoughtful consideration of clearing walkways and pathways. It is important to...