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Spring 2022 Plant Collections Network Challenge Grant Guidelines

Is Your Collection Ready to Meet the Challenge?

Apply to the Plant Collections Network by April 29, 2022



The Plant Collections Network Challenge Grant was established through a generous, multi-year donation to encourage American Public Gardens Association member gardens to apply for participation in the Plant Collections Network for accreditation of a significant document collection. We recognize that gardens invest considerable time and effort into developing a successful collections program. This grant is intended to offset expenses of Plant Collections Network application and review process, with any remainder going toward curation of the collection.


Grant Amount: $1,000

No matching funds required. Limit of one grant per institution. First-time Plant Collections Network applicants will be prioritized. Current holders of a Nationally Accredited Plant Collection™with demonstrated financial need are also eligible.


Deadline: April 29, 2022

Grant request must be submitted along with a complete Plant Collections Network application for accreditation of a significant document collection.



  • An American Public Gardens Association Institutional Member in good standing
  • A North American garden
  • First-time Plant Collections Network applicant or current program participant with demonstrated financial need
  • Any type of living plant collection


How to Apply:

Step 1 - Since this grant is contingent on submittal of a successful Plant Collections Network application, focus first on your collections program. Read through the Plant Collections Network information posted on the American Public Gardens Association's website.
Obtain a current Plant Collections Network application form from Plant Collections Network Manager Pam Allenstein: Colleagues from organizations holding a Nationally Accredited Plant Collection™ can help you determine whether your collection is ready for accreditation and can assist you in completing the application. Please note, a complete Plant Collections Network application includes a non-refundable fee which goes toward the review of the collection.

Step 2 - Prepare a one-page letter signed by your institution’s Director/CEO explaining the need for a Plant Collections Network Challenge Grant and how the funds would be used. This request must be submitted in conjunction with a Plant Collections Network application to be eligible.


Criteria & Review Procedure:

A $1,000 Challenge Grant will be awarded to an eligible Plant Collections Network applicant only following a positive written recommendation for inclusion in the Plant Collections Network program. These grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis determined by the date on which a complete Plant Collections Network application is received. Challenge Grant requests will not influence the outcome of your Plant Collections Network application. After the site reviewer has submitted an evaluation recommending full or provisional accreditation for the collection, you will receive a Nationally Accredited Plant Collection™ certificate and a copy of the report. A separate notification will be sent regarding the Challenge Grant along with a check to successful applicants.


Reporting Requirement:

Grantees are required to submit a letter within sixty days of receiving a Plant Collections Network  Challenge Grant explaining how these funds were used.
Plant Collections Network is a program of the American Public Gardens Association in partnership with USDA Agricultural Research Service.