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National Public Gardens Week Toolbox

Be A Part of Something Greater
National Public Gardens WEEK
May 13-19, 2019


National Public Gardens Week is a nationwide initiative of the American Public Gardens Association to help member gardens achieve positive results in:

  • Engaging Audiences
  • Raising Revenue
  • Creative Projects

The consumer-facing messaging for the day is designed to encourage Americans to:

Their public gardens. Click on a "V word" above to get ideas for each of them.

Participating in National Public Gardens Week is quick and easy - simply register your Garden on the National Public Gardens Week website. Your garden will then appear on the National Public Gardens Week map. The website will also allow you to create a special offer for your patrons.

There is no requirement that your garden make any special offer. You can take the opportunity to simply remind people to visit on National Public Gardens Week.

There's no wrong way to do it, except to not do it!


National Public Garden Week Logos: Square - Horizontal - Vertical - MYGARDEN