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The MyGarden Campaign

This year, the Association is offering gardens the ability to use its mobile fundraising platform to conduct a one-week fundraising campaign in conjunction with National Public Gardens Week.

Participating gardens can craft their own fundraising message of support, populate their page with images, set a goal, and invite others to join them in raising funds through their own website and/or social media channels, driving them to donate online.

If you’ve been thinking about adding mobile fundraising to your development toolkit, this is a great opportunity for you to test drive it in a one-week campaign - with actual results to show for it. Why not leverage your garden’s marketing of the new National Public Gardens Week this year with a short-term campaign for a specific project?

With its keyword MYGARDEN, this campaign will be promoted at the national level, but each garden must also promote their unique campaign and keyword to their communities to drive donations.

What Am I Agreeing To If I Participate?

  • You agree to set up a special message of support, a goal, and personalize your page as much as the system allows with images, logos, etc. so that the public knows it’s YOUR garden’s page.
  • You agree to appoint one "team captain" who will have editing rights on your team page. This role can be transferred to another by contacting the administrator at any time. Only one person can have this role at a time.
  • You agree to promote your unique keyword assigned to you by the system (sorry, we can’t edit this for you, it assigns in the order in which people sign up) to drive gifts to the gift portal.  A garden can promote its team keyword, or individual fundraisers linked to your organization can use their unique keyword – all of these gifts will be credited to your bottom line.
  • You agree to run the campaign between the designated dates of May 13-19, 2019, National Public Gardens Week, and to promote your campaign in conjunction with this event.
  • You agree to allow our donation form to default-add the 2.5% processing fee to gift amounts. Donors can opt out of paying this fee.
  • You agree to have the Association auto-reply, as gifts are received, with an email to the donor confirming their gift intended for your garden that serves as a tax receipt for the donor. For tax purposes the donor has made the gift to the Association with your garden as the designated beneficiary (provided you are set up as a charitable organization), much like a donor-advised fund would treat such a gift.
  • You agree to have the Association retain 2.5% processing fee for each donation, plus 10% to support the cost for administration of the platform before, during and after the campaign, which includes aggregated registration fees to conduct charitable solicitation in all states requiring it. These will be deducted before final reconciliation and disbursement of funds.
  • You agree to allow the Association through May 31, 2019 to enable adequate time for all funds to successfully be transacted, before reconciliation and disbursement of funds, along with a spreadsheet or .csv file of all donor information collected through the portal (minus credit card information).

Sign up yourself as a primary contact for your garden!

MYGARDEN Partner: 

MobileCause, a new affinity partner, is the platform the Association used to raise over $10,000 at the Annual Conference in June to support professional development scholarships and supports the Garden to Garden Disaster Response Fund that Cape Fear Botanical Garden used to raise thousands of dollars in the wake of Hurricane Florence this past September.