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National Public Gardens 2020

Be A Part of Something Greater - Be Indispensable!

National Public Gardens Week continues throughout 2020 as the Association seeks to support our member gardens.

The Week returns in 2021 May 7-16.

Check out the list of gardens offering virtual resources here.

Find the list of gardens with fundraising links here.

Gardens Week Hashtag: #NationalPublicGardensWeek
Facebook: @NationalPublicGardensWeek, 
Twitter: @PublicGardens
LinkedIn: @PublicGardens
Short website:
Long website:

Plant Heroes can be a great resource for parents and educators looking to engage kids while at home. Explore our pages and download activity books, field guides and more! Follow us on our brand new social media platforms: FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, and Linked In. We hope to highlight the amazing creativity and resiliency of our public gardens during this challenging time. Connect with us today. Now is the time for plants!