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National Public Gardens 2020

Be A Part of Something Greater - Be Indispensable!

National Public Garden Week is May 8-17 but the recovery from COVID-19 will go on - and so will the Association's efforts to help our member gardens recover.

We want to use National Public Gardens Week this year as a way to focus attention on our many member gardens that need support - and to showcase their beauty as a source of resilience in these trying times.

Check out the list of gardens offering virtual resources here.

Find the list of gardens with fundraising links here.

1. Register Your Garden

Registering takes less than five minutes!

Rather than emphasizing events and activities at public gardens during National Public Gardens Week 2020, we are pivoting this initiative starting in April to help you bring your garden HOME to others.

Tell us if your garden is open or closed, make a statement about your garden's importance, link to your fundraising resources or use ours!

We want to bring the beauty of our nation's gardens to the people that need it the most - everybody!

Let your visitors know you continue to be there as a resource for personal and community resilience! If you have virtual tours or other similar resources, post them!

2. Do Your Social Media Thing

Join your garden colleagues in using social media platforms to showcase who you are and why you matter. Use the collective power of these hashtags and partnerships to amplify your message.

#OurGardensYourHome tags will encourage members to post their gardens “current status” photos. Visitors will be encouraged to post their favorite past photos of the garden.

#MemberoftheDay and #PlantCollectionoftheWeek will feature NPGW participants with links to their fundraising resources. 

You can use these fun YouTube videos as well (click through for the links):

Gardens Week Hashtag: #NationalPublicGardensWeek
Facebook: @NationalPublicGardensWeek, 
Twitter: @PublicGardens
LinkedIn: @PublicGardens
Short website:
Long website:

We will still be marking the official observation week of National Public Gardens Week May 8-17 with our GO GREEN campaign and other messaging to help underscore your garden’s efforts during this time.


Our affinity partner PlantSnap is offering free no-term-limit Pro upgrades for donations of $20 or more to any garden through the Asociation's MYGARDEN fundraising portal. Donors can designate any member garden to receive the funds. There is no Association charge for this service.

Plant Heroes can be a great resource for parents and educators looking to engage kids while at home. Explore our pages and download activity books, field guides and more! Follow us on our brand new social media platforms: FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, and Linked In. We hope to highlight the amazing creativity and resiliency of our public gardens during this challenging time. Connect with us today. Now is the time for plants!
National Public Gardens Day was created in 2009, with then partners Rain Bird, to drive local and national exposure to the importance of building vibrant, relevant gardens committed to community enrichment and environmental responsibility through community engagement, sustainable practices and conversation. 

In 2019, National Public Gardens Day became National Public Gardens Week!