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May: Hurricane Preparedness

Welcome to our month-by-month Disaster Readiness Calendar!


Large portions of the U.S. are at risk for impacts from tropical storms and hurricanes. 


It's important that as a public garden or arboretum, you understand the potential risks involved and prepare your business accordingly. 

In fact, 40% of small businesses won't reopen after a natural disaster like a hurricane, and 25% more small businesses will close one year later. Preparing can mean the difference between your business closing or remaining open. 

Get Hurricane Ready!

Start by checking out the Ready Business Program's Hurricane Toolkit. Diving into this resource now can prepare you for the hurricane season, which runs June 1 to Nov. 30. 

There are also some differences with planning when it comes to COVID-19. The CDC has some recommendations for preparing for a hurricane during a pandemic as well that can help. 

When it comes to natural disasters, possible risks can change dramatically as the storm changes. Tropical storms and storm surges can cause just as much -- if not more -- damage than a hurricane. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recommends these 10 tips to be ready for all related storm surge impacts.

In May -- and all year -- don't let tropical storms and hurricanes impact your business and garden plans. Preparedness is key!