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July: Business Continuity & Emergency Fund

Welcome to our month-by-month Disaster Readiness Calendar!

It may be impossible to predict an emergency or a natural disaster, but your organization can plan for it.

It is important to start your business continuity planning early to help your organization recover from any emergency or disaster. These plans are unique to individual organizations, and it is important to create one that suites your specific public garden. Visit the Business Continuity Planning Suite for more information on why business continuity planning is important and to receive an overview of the process.

Power outages can occur during many different types of emergency situations, and these have only been increasing over the past couple of decades. About 44% of outages are caused by storm related events in the United States. It is important to understand your risk of a power outage and develop a preparedness and mitigation plan to maintain business continuity, in the case of a disaster. Follow these steps in the Ready Business Power-Outage Toolkit as a part of your organizations continuity planning.

Why is it Important to build a business emergency fund?

Building a business emergency fund can help prepare your organization in the case of a disaster and offers many benefits. One benefit is the feeling of security. The fund provides security when an emergency of any size presents itself. Knowing your garden is prepared financially, is one less thing you will need to worry about. Read more about Why You Need to Create an Emergency Fund for Your Business.

How should your organization be prepared to recover from a disaster?

Recovering from a disaster is not a quick and easy process, it is gradual. In some situations, assistance is available to help your organization recover. For general advice on the steps to take after a disaster visit Recovering from Disaster.

Developing a Crisis Communications Plan is essential to respond promptly during and/or after an emergency impacts your organization. There are many different audiences you may need to notify and provide information to including your employees, visitors, media, government officials, and the community or neighbors near your organization.

In July, prepare your organization by beginning the continuity planning process and starting an emergency fund. 

Protect your business and garden plans by having these emergency tools in place at your organization.