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January: Resolve to Be Ready

Welcome to our month-by-month Disaster Readiness Calendar!

Do you want to build a resilient public garden that is prepared for all hazards?

True business resilience means maintaining safe facilities, educating your workforce, investing in supplier relationships, and building community connections. 

Why? Being prepared can mitigate any hazards you face and decrease your overall costs of disruptions. 

So, in January, educate yourself and make a resolution to prioritize, plan, and prepare.

Here are some tools you can use to Resolve to Be Ready:

  • Start with a simple, scalable roadmap from, FEMA’s public service campaign encouraging Americans to plan ahead for disasters. This roadmap can suit public gardens of all sizes. 

  • Public gardens designate Core Collections to focus efforts and achieve excellence among a manageable set of defined plant groups. These “strong suits” help define a garden’s identity and contribute directly to its mission. Use this Collections Prioritization Worksheet to get started. 

  • Collection planning guides the development of plant acquisition and management decisions in meaningful, strategic, and measurable directions. Collection development plans are unique for each institution and should be tailored in a way that best suits your needs and goals. Check out sample plans and use a Collection Planning Guide as you proceed.
  • Climate-related threats can impact your people, plants, and infrastructure. Put plans in place to address these climate threats with emergency planning, operational protocols, and appropriate design. Take a look at our Workbook and Self-Assessment to guide you in this process. 

In January, take action in a coordinated and collaborative way!