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Disaster Readiness

The Association's Disaster Readiness Initiative works to establish public gardens as cornerstones of resilient, healthy communities. The initiative builds capacity and enhances the ability to extol how public gardens can provide solutions to local and global challenges. 

It is our hope that this initiative will galvanize gardens to proactively build and sustain resilience while navigating change by:
•    Providing disaster preparedness and response resources
•    Connecting gardens to a peer support network
•    Growing gardens as leaders in operational sustainability
•    Providing tools that help gardens achieve financial stability and maintain community relevancy
•    Facilitating methods for gardens to safeguard and proactively plan for the long-term health of their plant collections

Let's work together to ensure Disaster Readiness: It's Essential!


Training for Public Gardens 

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This online training provides practical information you can use for disaster planning at your garden. Learn the key steps for disaster planning through videos and interactive exercises. Download worksheets and explore additional resources to create your own plan. Discover how to build a garden-wide culture of disaster readiness through exercises and drills.