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Thomas Jefferson Foundation-Farm Associate-Mon, 01/13/2020 - 9:45pm

Farm Associate


Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Charlottesville , VA 22902
United States
Virginia US

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Job Description 

This position is responsible for assisting the Manager of Farm and Nursery Operations in developing a growing plan and maintaining a vegetable market garden to produce crops for Monticello’s Café and value-added products for Monticello’s Shop. In addition, the Farm Associate will be responsible for overseeing the growing, harvest, cleaning and proper storage of plant seeds for the Center for Historic Plants (CHP) and Monticello’s seed line businesses.

Duties & Responsibilities 

1. Working closely with the Manager of Farm and Nursery Operations, the Farm Associate develops a year-round growing plan for a vegetable and seed garden to produce crops for Monticello’s Farm Table Café, value-added products for Monticello’s Shop, and seeds for CHP and Monticello’s seed line businesses.

2. Maintains vegetable and seed plant fields primarily through sustainable techniques, including: mechanical weeding, transplanting, drip irrigation, cover cropping, compost-making, succession planting, season extension, crop rotation, and using powered agricultural equipment and hand tools in a safe manner.

3. Keeps detailed records regarding cropping schedules and a planting map plan to ensure success and provide a steady supply of produce for Monticello’s agricultural enterprises.

4. Assists nursery staff from the Center for Historic Plants to prepare for Open House plant sales and other public events held at Tufton Farm.

5. May occasionally present on work to the public on behalf of Monticello via workshops, festivals and special requested programs.

Education and Experience 

College experience and/or degree is a plus, but not required.

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Keith Nevison