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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden-Living Collections Curator -Fri, 04/02/2021 - 1:39pm

Living Collections Curator


Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
1212 Mission Canyon Rd
Santa Barbara , CA 93105-2121
United States
California US

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Job Description 

The Living Collections Curator is responsible for oversight and management of information and geospatial data of the Living Collection and ensuring thorough documentation standards are upheld. This work includes the management of living collections staff, interns, and volunteers; management of the Living Collections Database, accessioning, deaccessioning, inventorying, monitoring and recording phenological data, taxonomic verifications, mapping and recording garden infrastructure; and organizing reports for propagation, field collection, and new plantings. The Living Collections Curator supports the Director of Horticulture & Facilities in the short and long-term planning of the living collection to meet strategic goals for display development, education, and conservation. The Living Collections Curator will work closely with the Grounds Manager who oversees the day-to-day maintenance of the Garden grounds and the Propagator, who oversees the Living Collections Nursery. This full-time (40 hours per week) exempt position, reports to the Director of Horticulture & Facilities.

Duties & Responsibilities 

- Actively manage the living collections including the Living Collections Database (seeking to transition from Microsoft Access to Iris-BG) and living collections accession labeling on grounds. This includes accessioning, deaccessioning, inventorying, monitoring and recording phenological data, recording maintenance events, performing taxonomic verifications, mapping and recording garden infrastructure, and the manufacturing and placement of accession labels. Generate maps, reports, and data analysis of the living collections as requested. Work with education and interpretation staff to add public information labels or other interpretation into the landscape for new or significant species added to the Garden grounds.

- Manage the living collections team, including the Living Collections Coordinator, interns, and volunteers. Provide normal supervisory functions, including, but not limited to: recruitment, progressive discipline responsibilities, evaluating performance, training, budgeting, prioritizing, and directing staff in work assignments.

- Assist the Director of Horticulture & Facilities in the short and long-term planning of the living collection to meet strategic goals for display development, education, and conservation; under the guidance of the Garden’s Mission, Living Collections Policies, Strategic Plan, Landscape Master Plan, and Cultural Landscape Master Plan.

- Plan plant collecting trips, including federal and state permitting, securing permission from private land holders, preparing grant applications, and generally organizing itinerary and accommodations for Garden staff, interns, and volunteers. The Living Collections Curator will participate in some, but not all, plant collecting trips.

- The Living Collections Curator will also conduct applied horticultural research in collaboration with the Director of Horticulture & Facilities, the Propagator, and Conservation & Research Staff. This will include grant writing, experimental design, data collection, data analysis, publication, and presentation of such research.

- Serve as a horticultural resource for the Garden collaborating with the Education department to teach, lead tours, answer visitor and staff questions, write articles for both the Garden and external publications, serve on planning teams, conduct demonstrations, and give media interviews.

- Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience 

-Advanced knowledge of living collections management, living collections database management, geospatial data collection and management. Applied experience in Iris-BG preferred.

-Advanced knowledge of plant identification, taxonomy, and horticultural care of California native plant materials.

-Must have supervisory skills and be responsible for the performance of subordinates in completing assigned tasks.

-Ability to communicate clearly and understand written and verbal communication.

-Ability to work with Garden staff and volunteers within the scope of duties.

-Master of Science degree in Horticulture, Botany, or related field, or its equivalent

-2 to 5 years of experience in Living Collections management

-Experience in plant collecting and fieldwork

-Experience in applied horticultural research such as plant breeding, trailing and evaluation, propagation, nursery, and landscape establishment

-Must have valid California Driver License and maintain an acceptable driving record.

- Must be capable of strenuous physical work including:

- Ability to stand/walk for extended periods of time, lift and carry 50 lbs., bend, squat and walk the SBBG trails

- Tolerance of an outdoor work environment including exposure to outdoor environmental
conditions, including extreme temperature fluctuations, rain, dust, allergens, poison oak, insects, small wild animals, and sun exposure

- Extended use of computers and electronics, sitting up to 3.0 hours

- Ability to perform physically strenuous work assignments on a regular basis

- Availability to work weekend shifts as required

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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden