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Red Butte Garden-Assistant Horticulturist - Greenhouse IPM Specialist-Mon, 12/02/2019 - 12:46pm

Assistant Horticulturist - Greenhouse IPM Specialist


Red Butte Garden
Salt Lake City , UT 84108

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Job Description 

Red Butte Garden is seeking an assistant horticulturist for the Greenhouse team. This full time, year round, benefited position has lead responsibility for the Integrated Pest Management program within the Garden’s production greenhouses and seasonal and indoor displays. Also assists in implementing the plant production program; the operation, maintenance and repair of greenhouse facilities and equipment; installing and maintaining seasonal and indoor displays, and leads seasonal staff and volunteers as requested.

This is a full-time, year-round position. Actual days and times will vary according to coverage needs of the greenhouses, and performing needed indoor display maintenance in-between scheduled Garden and private events. A regular weekend shift is required, including some holiday shifts, and occasional weekend evening shifts from April through mid-October.

The position requires attendance in order to perform the job duties.

Duties & Responsibilities 

1) Assists in programming and running the Integrated Pest Management ( IPM ) Program by scouting, monitoring, identifying, and applying appropriate control options to address plant health concerns. Recommends IPM protocol policy and develops IPM plan. Diagnoses health problems, identifies and implements remedies. Selects and applies control options for insects, disease, and weeds. Control options may include a variety of IPM tools such as beneficial insects, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, disinfectants, and sanitation. Special attention to beneficial insect use is emphasized. Tracks and evaluates effectiveness of control measures. Inventories and recommends orders as needed and within budgets. Posts necessary notifications regarding re-entry and ensures compliance with the Worker Protection Standard ( WPS ). Coordinates applications to avoid disruption of scheduled events. Must be able and willing to apply chemical applications when needed to minimize pest populations.

2) Assists in managing the irrigation of plant material on a daily basis in the greenhouse areas, containers, and interior displays. Ensures automated irrigation systems are maintained, programmed and running as scheduled. Provides training and direction for staff and volunteers concerning plant irrigation needs and hand watering techniques. Hand waters as needed.

3) Assists in keeping the facilities and equipment functioning by checking temperatures and operation of equipment, suggesting large repairs, performing minor repairs, scheduling and performing minor cleaning and maintenance tasks. Oversees seasonal facility adjustments and maintenance, including but not limited to setting up wet walls, shade cloth and swamp coolers.

4) Provides leadership for seasonal staff and volunteer groups as assigned, including instruction, constructive criticism, planning and communication. Recommends scheduling of garden and equipment maintenance tasks. Coordinates required care to avoid disruption of scheduled Garden and private events.

5) Assists in implementing the plant production program for outdoor gardens, plant sales and seasonal displays. Assists in providing correct cultural needs including scheduling, temperatures, fertilization, lighting, plant moisture levels, soils and sanitation. Assists in propagation by seed, cutting, and division. Maintains plant quality with timely transplanting, pinching, pruning, trimming, and growth regulator applications. Other production duties include but are not limited to: production inventory organization, maintaining plant records; ordering and receiving plants, seeds and growing supplies.

6) Assists in the installation and maintenance of outdoor seasonal displays (assigned annual beds, containers and baskets). Duties include but are not limited to: designing and recommending plants for displays, weeding, mulching, hand watering, fertilization, deadheading, pruning, pest diagnostics and control, debris removal, sweeping sidewalks, and irrigation repair. Displays installed shall be approved by the Greenhouse Coordinator.

7) Assists in installation and maintenance of indoor plant displays. Duties include but are not limited to: designing and recommending plants for displays, replacing short term displays as needed, arranging, replacing permanent display plants as needed, debris removal, trimming, dead heading, cleaning foliage, pruning, mossing, fertilizing, weeding and hand watering. Displays installed shall be approved by the Greenhouse Coordinator. Able to lift 50 lbs.

8) Serves as a professional staff member in responding to public inquiries; providing content for garden publications, website, TV and radio spots; providing training for volunteers and periodically teaching programs in the area of expertise.

9) Serves as lead greenhouse staff in the absence of the Greenhouse Coordinator as assigned. Serves on the Garden’s Safety Committee.

Education and Experience 

Minimum Qualifications

Associate degree in Horticulture, Biology or a related field, or equivalency and 1 year of related experience required. A valid Utah State Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicator License, or the ability to obtain license within 6 months of hire required. A general knowledge of plant identification and nomenclature and specific knowledge of grounds and garden maintenance. Demonstrated oral and written communications skills to deal effectively with a diverse clientele.

Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.


Experience in the area of Greenhouse production and Integrated Pest Management on ornamental plants; 1 year supervisory experience; a valid US driver’s license; moderate computer skills; Must be willing to obtain a valid Utah State Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicator license within three months.

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