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The North Carolina Arboretum-Guest Experience Manager-Fri, 05/19/2023 - 3:54pm

Guest Experience Manager


The North Carolina Arboretum
100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way
Asheville , NC 28806
United States
North Carolina US

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The North Carolina Arboretum, a 434-acre garden, offers a wealth of opportunities for guests, volunteers and members. Located just outside of Asheville, North Carolina, we are currently seeking a Guest Services Manager. From the splendor of Winter Lights to the daily interactions with guests, the Guest Services Manager works with several teams to ensure a positive and pleasant guest experience. These teams include information desks, retail, weddings and special events.

The hiring salary will be between $53,000 and $60,000 per year and full benefits associated with the State of North Carolina and UNC System will be offered. Following an onboarding period, a hybrid schedule is feasible.

The Guest Experience Manager oversees Guest Services, Retail and Events operations occurring at The N.C. Arboretum, is a member of interdisciplinary and management teams, and instructs all staff to ensure their involvement in a positive visitor experience. Coordinating with all other areas of the Arboretum, the Guest Experience Manager helps create, plan and execute events that align with the Arboretum’s mission to generate income for mission delivery services. The Guest Services Manager is responsible for all guest experiences from the moment a visitor arrives until they leave property. For the purposes of this description, guest and visitor may be used interchangeably.

Acting with the guest in mind, the Manager coordinates with the retail area to ensure cohesive and profit generating endeavors that enhance the visitor’s experience and memories of their Arboretum visit. This includes having well-informed personnel and volunteers at each of the visitor desks as well as attending to various groups that may be touring the Arboretum property. In addition to managing some areas that directly contribute to a safe, enjoyable and educational visit to the Arboretum, this manager will work with other areas of campus to ensure a united and guest-centered experience such as gate, membership and administration services.

Reporting to the Senior Director of Mission Delivery, the Manager provides oversight to retail, guest and event operations, submits annual budget plans for approval by Arboretum leadership, has the authority to resolve customer complaints within the policy structure of the Arboretum, and develops and revises applicable policies and procedures for review by senior leaders. The position works independently without daily supervision. This position supervises permanent, temporary and seasonal workers as well as volunteer roles. The accountability on this program is high given the more than $1 million in gross sales, stringent rules in place for ABC licensure and logistical considerations.

Duties & Responsibilities 

Guest Services:
- Provide detailed guest service training best practices and standards to all guest services staff and conduct visitor service training to all staff.
- Provide an effective and seamless method of visitor services delivery for volunteers and staff who work directly at the visitor desk. This is done by ensuring that all visitors receive prompt and courteous service, answering questions and giving information to meet their needs.
- Support all building managers and guest service coordinators when needed and serve as building manager for various events;
- Support Membership by providing information and ensuring that membership questions and purchase can be conducted at any visitor services area;
- Work with Marketing and other departments to conduct and analyze visitor data, make recommendations to leadership and facilitate ways to improve customer service practices.
- Ensure group tour processes and delivery are well documented, refined and reviewed annually.
- Provide and maintain regular coverage of Guest Service desks including all staffing and coverage issues and ensure that reference materials for guests and staff are updated and easily accessible.
- Address visitor complaints delivered in person, online, or via telephone utilizing clear and effective communication that will hopefully result in a positive visitor experience.

Winter Lights:
- Work collaboratively in design and production of the event with the Senior Director for Mission Delivery and events curator;
- Schedule, attend and conductWinter Lights team meetings including taking minutes;
- Interview and hire ticketing and building management staff;
- Prepare and review all training documents;
- Schedule and conduct staff trainings;
- Schedule and train nightly property managers;
- Work select evenings of the program;
- Provide, ticketing set up and phone support working with ticketing box office personnel;
- Notify all necessary staff in event of a show cancellation as well as assisting with refunds; and,
- Monitor Volunteer assistance and request volunteers as design/needed by the event.

Event and Facility Rental Management:
- Ensure the organizational master calendar is maintained and updated via an online database system and regularly check organizational calendar for conflicts;
- Ensure the construction of weekly function sheet communicating facility wide set up needs to necessary support staff;
- Support event coordinators with inquiries, site visits, rental agreement, payments, questions, on site event supervision and logistics;
- Review and sign client contracts;
- Manage departmental budgets;
- Ensure the hiring and scheduling of support staff to assure the smooth execution of ticketing and event coverage;
- Develop, schedule, and plan new internal programming in conjunction with the Senior Director of Mission Delivery
- Negotiate, develop and maintain vendor relationships and contracts;
- Fulfill needs of the event coordinator positions during each individual’s leave;
- Maintain good working relationship with on-site food vendor.
- Review and update facility and meeting rental program documents, pricing, policies and procedures annually;
- Support events coordinator in scheduling and booking of annual plant shows;
- Review and update facility and meeting rental program website content, program documents, pricing, policies and procedures annually; and,
- Review and update green wedding program website and marketing materials.

Alcohol Beverage Service:
- Develop and review alcoholic beverage packages, policies and procedures annually;
- Ensure inventory is purchased, logged and maintained,
- Schedule bar staffing in partnership with service provider;
- Apply for ABC permit renewals annually;
- Schedule R.A.S.S.P. trainings for all new TNCA staff; and,
- Work alongside Campus Police to ensure compliance with ABC regulations and the safety of TNCA event guests.

Retail Shop Oversight:
- Work with and provide support to the Retail Shop Manager
- Consult with Retail Manager to assure a multi-faceted approach to visitors that will enhance and expand their experience through a seamless delivery of retail items.
- Provide support for effective inventory system including space and management of retail items.
- Determine best practices for new retail product and services delivery offered in stationary gift shops as well as within the garden setting.

Education and Experience 

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality, Business Administration, or related major or equivalent combination of education and experience; at least 3 years’ experience in the event management or related professional area required with at least one year in a supervisory role.

Application Instructions 

For more information or to apply, please visit

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The North Carolina Arboretum