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Newport Tree Conservancy & Arboretum-Executive Director-Sun, 02/10/2019 - 11:42am

Executive Director


Newport Tree Conservancy & Arboretum
29 Franklin Street, 1E
Newport , RI 02840

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The Newport Tree Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) corporation and the parent organization of The Newport Arboretum, seeks a full-time Executive Director to execute an innovative model for urban arboriculture.

The mission of the Conservancy is to protect, maintain, and regenerate our city’s tree canopy through the engagement of both the public and private sector, working in partnership with the City’s Division of Forestry.

Newport, Rhode Island is currently home to over 20 accredited arboreta, far more than any other city in the world, in large part thanks to the Conservancy’s community arboreta accreditation program. We are honored to act as the steering group for the majority of these arboreta. Helping accredit both private and public properties is a key growth and engagement strategy for the Conservancy.

Another distinguishing motif that runs through our core objectives and programs is that of ‘heritage horticulture’, the celebration of our city's long history of exploratory arboriculture and its remaining core of historic designed landscapes and plant collections. Newport is a living museum of American horticulture and landscape architecture.

Our goal is to remember and reignite this fading heritage by reforesting all four corners of our city with specimen trees planted by private citizens on both public and private property. We are dedicated to creating a citywide arboretum with collections of great scope and depth, and engaging citizens of all ages and backgrounds directly in forestry, conservation, and cultural pursuits related to our historic landscapes and horticultural history.

Duties & Responsibilities 


• Strategic plan development, implementation, monitoring and reporting
• Development and execution of funding strategies, including grants management, donor relationship management, and fundraising campaigns.
• Administration and oversight of all forestry, conservation, educational programs
• Staff and volunteer oversight, engagement and development
• Board and subcommittee management, development, engagement and oversight
• Fiscal and legal compliance
• Community and public relations

Education and Experience 

Although a background in horticulture is preferred, more important is your demonstration of leadership skills, cooperative team- and partnership-building, and project management experience. Candidates should have strong leadership experience and feel comfortable communicating a clear vision to the broader public. We seek candidates who enjoy planning, meeting and exceeding clear, measurable targets. Fundraising to support the long-term vision will be a crucial part of this position, and attention to proactive and responsible fiscal management and oversight is also required.

This is a challenging position requiring a great devotion of time and energy and an entrepreneurial spirit. But in return, you will enjoy working side-by-side with a wonderfully enthusiastic group of people carrying out a groundbreaking initiative in one of the most beautiful cities in America.

Application Instructions 

Applications should include a letter of interest, a complete resume, and five references.

Applications must be submitted electronically to:

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Helen Papp