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National Park Service-Gardener-Thu, 06/06/2019 - 4:15pm



National Park Service
Fort Mason Center, Bldg. E San Francisco
San Francisco , CA 94123

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This position is located in the Facilities and Ships Division of San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. The incumbent is responsible for landscape management pertaining to maintenance and repair work in various areas within the park depending upon seasonal requirements and landscape priorities. Incumbent is required to work with other trades, maintenance workers, volunteers, and other agency employees.

Duties & Responsibilities 


(25%) Ornamental Landscape Maintenance: Incumbent maintains all perennial, color, ornamental and native plant beds in a healthy and visually appealing condition.

On a bi-monthly basis, incumbent manually weeds flower beds; prunes shrubs and other ornamentals; removes dead and diseased material; replaces plants as needed; applies fertilizers, amendments and mulch as needed; checks and adjusts drip irrigation to ensure proper operation.

Incumbent renovates older ornamental beds by removing old plant material, re-designing and replanting. Incumbent selects appropriate plants for color, interest, variety and hardiness. Selected plants must be suitable to growing conditions found at SAFR. Selection of plant material must also be consistent with cultural specifications.

Knowledge of cultural practices and needs of California native plants and non-native ornamentals is required.

(20%) Turf Management: Incumbent performs weekly/bi-weekly mowing of large turf areas. Incumbent uses both riding and push mowers. Edges turf monthly in areas where it is required. Fertilizes in spring, summer and fall to maintain health, vigor and good appearance of turf. Uses thatcher, top dresser and aerator annually to renovate and/or promote overall vitality of turf. Conducts soil tests and adjusts micronutrient content of soil when deficiencies are apparent. Prevents turf encroachment from around sprinkler heads.

(15%) Irrigation System Monitoring, Maintenance and Repair: Incumbent monitors, maintains and repairs existing irrigation systems. This includes replacing broken water lines (high and low pressure), and rebuilding or replacing sprinklers and valves.

Checks and adjusts irrigation controllers to ensure proper water needs of turf and all plant materials according to weather and seasonal conditions. During high-season, incumbent makes twice-monthly checks of the irrigation system, and makes adjustments and repairs as necessary to ensure proper operation and efficiency of watering.

Troubleshoots electrical system problems and makes repairs as necessary. This includes using ground fault locators for broken underground wiring, and using volt-ohm meter to test electrical solenoid on valves.

Incumbent also monitors, adjust and repairs existing drip irrigation system in ornamental flower beds.

Knowledge of cultural practices and needs of California native plants and non-native ornamentals is required.

(10%) Pest Control: Using a backpack or hand-held sprayer, incumbent performs seasonal spraying of broad-spectrum herbicide to control grasses and weeds in cobblestones, pathways, valve boxes, lampposts, under benches, etc. Incumbent applies spot treatment of broadleaf-specific herbicides to control weeds in turf. Maintains a daily-use log for reporting purposes. Submits monthly pesticide use report to park Pesticide Control Advisor. Maintains inventory of pesticide supplies, materials and equipment. Maintains pesticide storage area in a safe, clean and orderly condition, in compliance with CA Department of Pesticide Use Regulation.

(20%) Grounds Maintenance: Incumbent performs various grounds maintenance work. This includes litter picking, emptying trash cans, graffiti abatement, pressure washing structures and leaf/debris/sand management.

(5%) Tree Pruning: Incumbent performs “as needed” pruning of trees 25’ in height and under. Incumbent uses skillful and horticultural pruning techniques to encourage health and proper shape of trees. Removes dead, diseased, damaged and crossed limbs. Incumbent thins branches and reduces crown as necessary. Incumbent uses proper pruning techniques to correct imbalance in growth of trees due to wind and light exposure. Uses drop-crotch pruning technique (not topping or shearing) to reduce height of trees to maintain view-preserving limits and curtail root expansion in paved areas and sidewalks.

(5%) Landscape Construction: Incumbent performs various landscape construction projects as necessary. This includes construction of retaining walls for terraces, installation of straw wattle to control erosion; trenching with a Ditch Witch and adding additional irrigation line to improve coverage; installation of new irrigation systems to convert from manual to automatic mode. Incumbent installs new irrigation systems in accordance with the general master plan.


Incumbent primarily works alone in performing journey level landscape maintenance duties. Journey level skills and knowledge are identified as follows:

Incumbent must demonstrate knowledge and skill in horticultural pruning techniques, of both native and non-native ornamental shrubs and trees. Must be familiar with growth habits of landscape plants. Determines proper timing of pruning of ornamentals for maximum flower production, display and health of plants. Determines the timing and degree of pruning of street trees to promote vigor and health and maintain view preserving limits. Must be able to perform corrective pruning due to vandalism and storm damage.

Incumbent must have good knowledge of the cultural requirements of a wide range of plant materials (both native and non-native species). Incumbent must be able to select plants, shrubs and trees that are appropriate and suitable at various sites within the park. Must determine the most advantageous placement of plants for the greatest visual display. Must be familiar with nutrient deficiencies and plant diseases and make proper recommendations for their correction.

Incumbent must demonstrate experience in turf management. This includes the ability to operate riding and push mowers, thatchers, aerators, top dressers, edgers; to maintain them and to make field repairs, when the need arises. Has background in horticulture or similar (botany/agriculture), to determine what nutrients are required to maintain healthy turf. Has background in plant pathology to diagnose turf diseases. Must be able to make recommendations to correct problems in turf.

Incumbent must possess considerable knowledge and experience with irrigation system maintenance and repair. Must be able to program automatic controllers. Makes adjustments to watering schedules according to season and frequently changing weather conditions. Must have experience in troubleshooting problems in valves, sprinklers and wiring. Incumbents must be able to determine the best choice when selecting sprinklers for their use in the landscape. Incumbent must have understanding of the principles of water hydraulics in order to install new irrigation systems and/or retrofit existing componenets/systems.

Within one year, the incumbent must aquire and maintain a Qualified Applicator’s Certificate (QAC) issued by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Incumbent is expected to acquire 20 credits of continuing education bi-annually as required by State law. Has solid background in the safe and effective use of pesticides. This includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides and molluscicides. Is capable of properly using, calibrating, maintaining and repairing pest control equipment. Is familiar with weed species common to the Bay Area and has knowledge of herbicides for their control. Has knowledge of plant diseases and invasive insects and their control. Incumbent maintains proper records of pesticide usage.

Incumbent must be have working knowledge of various grounds maintenance work. This knowledge must include safe methods of litter picking, emptying trash cans, abating graffiti, operating a pressure washing and leaf blower.

Must have mechanical aptitude in order to operate and service a trenching machine when installing PVC pipe. Is required to operate safely and understand the capabilities of skid-steer loaders (Bobcat), small utility vehicles, etc. Must be familiar with various carpentry tools (circular saw, rotary hammer, electric drills, etc.) when performing landscape construction, such as retaining walls, water bars, forms for concrete pours, etc.

Must be able to read and understand landscape blue prints including irrigation and planting plans.

Must possess a valid Driver's License and operate government vehicles in a safe manner in accordance with applicable laws.

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