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International Peace Garden-Horticulturist - Display Gardens-Tue, 03/10/2020 - 5:00pm

Horticulturist - Display Gardens


International Peace Garden
10939 Highway 281
Dunseith , ND 58329

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Job Description 

The Display Garden Horticulturist is responsible for the development and execution of the short and long-term Display Garden plans and strategies as set out by the Director of Horticulture and guided by International Peace Garden principles and best practices.

The Display Gardens are spread out over a 20 acre space that contains an extensive collection of annual flower beds, tree stands and perennial beds in a formalized setting that straddles the US/Canada border.

Duties & Responsibilities 

1. Develop and maintain the Display Gardens to the highest horticultural and public standards.
2. Take the lead on Display Gardens related projects.
3. Develop and oversee the hiring plan for Display Gardens staff. (Includes interviews, training,
orientation and scheduling.)
4. Assign, supervise and facilitate daily tasks for seasonal staff and Assistant Horticulturists.
5. Cultivate a positive work environment.
6. Enforce the rules and regulations of the IPG.
7. Attend administrative meetings as required.
8. Attend training and promotional events.
9. Keep daily logs of relevant/requested activities.
10. Devise and operate under an annual budget for the Display Gardens. Coordinate with the
greater IPG Horticulture budget as set out by the Director of Horticulture.
11. Design and plan yearly flower displays that reflect the themes set out by the IPG administration.
12. Maintain trees, shrubs and perennial beds in the Display Gardens.
13. Operate maintenance equipment such as hedgers, weed-whips and mowers.
14. Instruct staff on safe and efficient use of equipment.
15. Apply necessary herbicides/pesticides in a safe and responsible manner, consistent with the IPM guidelines provided by the Director of Horticulture.
16. Manage and update the Display Gardens equipment and irrigation inventory as needed.
17. Take inventory of and map all plants in the Display Gardens.
18. Give public tours of the Display Gardens when requested.
19. Coordinate the creation and placement of interpretation and signage in the Display Gardens
with the Director of Horticulture and Director of Marketing and Events.
20. Coordinate irrigation scheduling with other Horticulture and Grounds staff as needed.

Education and Experience 

Salary and benefits would be based on education and experience. Compensation for health insurance will be provided. Housing may be available, if candidate is interested, and additional housing is planned for construction in 2020 and 2021.

This position runs from March through October at a minimum, with the possibility of extended time.

Application Instructions 

Please email cover letter and resume to Johannes Olwage at

Full Name 
Johannes Olwage