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Callaway Gardens-President & CEO-Mon, 06/24/2019 - 3:59am

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Callaway Gardens
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Connecting mankind and nature in a way that benefits both.


"Inspired by those before us, we will leave for those who follow, a legacy which benefits mankind." This was the vision of Cason & Virginia Callaway, and we aspire to fulfill it through a number of events and programs that reach far beyond the boundaries of the Gardens, into the local community, and throughout the country.


Callaway Gardens was conceived and created by Cason J Callaway and his wife, Virginia Hand Callaway, for the benefit of mankind. In 1950, Cason and Virginia deeded the land that is now Callaway Resort & Gardens to the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, a foundation previously established by Fuller Callaway Sr. for charities. Today, Callaway Gardens - a public, educational, horticultural, and charitable organization - is owned and operated by the non-profit Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Callaway Gardens Resort, Inc. - a corporation - operates the recreational, lodging, and retail facilities at Callaway Resort & Gardens. After-tax proceeds from the Resort go to the Foundation to support expansion and improvement of the Gardens as well as the Gardens' educational programs. The Foundation also receives income from gate admissions, annual memberships, as well as corporate and individual donations to the Gardens.


Open since 1952, Callaway Resort & Gardens is nestled in the southernmost foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Founders Cason and Virginia Callaway longed for a place where people and nature could abide together for the good of both. More than six decades later, their retreat continues to offer solace, inspiration, and discovery for all who visit.


In May of 2015, Callaway Resort & Gardens (CRG) recruited a new CEO (William R. Doyle) to take the reins of this legacy resort and garden from its previous Callaway family CEO (Edward Callaway). The mission was clear in May of 2015, CRG needed to work a plan for financial survival and develop a path towards financial stability. There was a great deal of "hurdles" to deal with and four years later that path has been achieved.

Today, the opportunity exists for the next CEO to lead a path to the future that incorporates the sound operational discipline necessary for a place of this scale with the cultural and community leadership required to lead this great civic asset. Callaway Resort & Gardens has the opportunity to take what was once a family legacy and give the assets back to the community that has supported it for some 67 years and counting.

The ICCF Board seeks a leader who will continue on with the "small business economics" in its daily operation of the business. This new leader will simultaneously build the strong community relationships and develop the philanthropic resources necessary for its future.

A key to this opportunity is a thorough understanding of the complexity that exists in the relationship between the "for profit" company and the "nonprofit". As CEO it will be critical that organizational culture supports the success of both entities and that the business decisions are conditioned on reliable financial support.

The next leader will be responsible to develop and achieve the vision that secures Callaway's future for the next decade or more. Defining the goals of the resort company and developing the plan to restore the financial health and support of the Garden will be a key performance indicator. This leader will also be responsible to work alongside the Chairperson of the Foundation to properly populate the "ICCF Board of the future". The CEO will work diligently to establish credibility with the Board on the direction and governance of ICCF's affairs. Establishing and maintaining a positive Board relationship is a key component of success.

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