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Betty Ford Alpine Gardens-Sustainable Horticulture Internship-Sun, 11/20/2022 - 12:46pm

Sustainable Horticulture Internship


Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
522 S. Frontage Rd., East Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
Vail , CO 81657
United States
Colorado US

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Job Description 

Located at 8,200′ in the central Rocky Mountains, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Internship Program provides the next generation of horticulturists, conservation scientists, and educators the opportunity to build their professional skills through hands-on learning and unique experiences. All summer internships are paid, and shared housing is provided by the Gardens in Vail. Learn more about the individual positions and application instructions here on our website. Join us for a summer internship opportunity like no other and learn about mountain ecosystems, alpine plants, and the operation of a unique botanic garden.

3 month paid internship with $500 weekly stipend.
Intern works 40 hrs.+ a week.
Subsidized housing provided through Betty Ford Alpine Gardens.
Internships start in May or June of 2021 and are 3 months long, sometimes longer.

Duties & Responsibilities 

Working alongside the horticultural staff and volunteers
Leading volunteer group gardening
Plant and maintain a variety of themed and styled garden beds that contain both woody and herbaceous plants
Bed maintenance includes tasks such as deadheading, weeding, cultivating, mulching, rock work, soil amending, transplanting, dividing, hand watering, raking, hauling compost, plant staking, fertilizer application and other tasks
Help operate and provide routine maintenance to the garden’s irrigation system
Assist with garden events set-up and take down
Assist with Education Center maintenance and clean up tasks
Participate in garden events, workshops and educational outreach seminars
ID plants both in and out of the garden settings
Understanding of Colorado mountain ecosystems, and their native plants
Pressing plants for herbarium voucher specimens
Provide and lead educational public tours of the gardens
Operating a golf cart within in a crowded public park
Provide garden visitors with information and support
Assist with labeling plants during their flowering period
Refilling and stocking kiosks with necessary brochures
Assisting in garden data input into BG-Base, a digital plant record keeping system
Assist in accessioning plantings
Assist garden staff on research and conservation projects
Assist on large garden projects such as design and renovation of existing garden areas
Help with projects and duties as staff needs
Ability to work weekend shifts as needed Internship promotes studying and understanding alpine plants, mountain ecosystems, plant care, garden design and the inner workings of a small nonprofit botanic garden
Internships designed to promote rock gardening and the use of perennials plants in garden settings
Internships help the intern to learn and identify a variety of alpine plants, perennials, shrubs, and trees that can thrive and are native to in a Colorado mountain environment

Education and Experience 

Practical previous experience in horticulture required.
Current enrollment seeking degree in horticulture, landscape design or agriculture (or similar majors) and/or candidates looking to continue and practice their horticulture skills and education further.
Passion for plants and gardening with a focus on public horticulture.
Candidate will demonstrate a commitment to working in the field of horticulture.
Attention to detail and organization.
The ability to use a dichotomous key.
Understanding of plant taxonomy, anatomy and morphological terms.
Understanding of the categorization of plant families.
Ability to work outside in variable weather conditions (rain, snow, sun UV, heat).
Able to lift 50 lbs. or more.
Works well in a team setting and communicates efficiently and effectively.

Application Instructions 

To apply to the horticultural internship, please send resume, cover letter and three references to our Senior Horticulturist, Colin Lee, at

Full Name 
Colin Lee