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The Arboretum at Penn State-Plant Records and Horticulture Coordinator-Tue, 11/26/2019 - 8:37am

Plant Records and Horticulture Coordinator


The Arboretum at Penn State

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The Plant Records and Horticulture Coordinator administers the Arboretum’s plant records and mapping systems, ensuring that the information in those systems is accurate, comprehensive, and up to date. The Coordinator also pursues special projects related to improvement and expansion of the Arboretum’s plant records and mapping capabilities. In addition, the Coordinator executes administrative tasks in support of the Arboretum’s horticultural operations, such as ordering plants and scheduling educational sessions for the Arboretum’s internship program.

Duties & Responsibilities 

Plant Records:
a. Functions as the administrator of the plant records system.
b. Develops and implements plant records and mapping policies and procedures.
c. Facilitates public use of plant records data.
d. Fabricates plant display labels, commemorative plaques, and accession tags.
e. Collects and archives images of Arboretum plants and commemorative assets for use in plant records and mapping applications.
f. Oversees wage-payroll employees, work-study students, interns, and/or volunteers who are performing tasks related to plant records and mapping.

a. Functions as the Arboretum's mapping specialist.
b. Administers interactive web-based mapping tools, such as the Arboretum Plant Finder and Commemorative Finder maps.

Special Projects:
a. Pursues the use of new/emerging technologies for collections documentation, including the development of a smart-phone mapping app of Arboretum gardens and collections.
b. Represents the Arboretum in collaborative mapping initiatives within the University.

Horticulture Administrative Support:
a. Orders plants for the Arboretum’s living collections and horticultural displays.
b. Coordinates the educational component of the Arboretum’s internship program.
c. Provides daily visitor support in the botanic gardens.

Education and Experience 

• College degree in horticulture, plant science, or other relevant field of study; or an equivalent combination of education and experience
• Familiarity with botanical nomenclature, ability to identify common garden plants, and understanding of horticultural practices
• Experience with plant records and mapping software
• Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail
• Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects, prioritize, and operate successfully in a fast-paced work setting

Application Instructions 

PSU Jobs #: 92272
Submit application online via
Applications must include both a cover letter and resume/CV

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Shari Edelson