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Event Content Guidelines

These pages are a guide to understanding the Association's virtual professional development offerings, their distinctive features, and how Communities wishing to present content can submit. 

Virtual events involve all departments of the Association.

In-Person Professional Development: Fee-Based

Community & Association Generated Content

Conference | Symposium | Workshop

Virtual Professional Development: Free for Members Only

Community Generated Content

Town Hall | Lunch & Learn

Virtual Professional Development: Fee-Based

Community & Association Generated Content

Webinar | Symposium | Workshop

Corporate Member/Partner Generated Content

Industry Insights


Virtual Professional Development Events may be initiated by: 

  • Communities may initiate events on a rolling basis, by working directly with staff Liaisons. The process for this is outlined in this document. 
  • Groups of individual members/or individual non-corporate members may submit virtual content to the Annual Call for Sessions & Content, reviewed and selected by the Program Selection Committee.  
  • Board Committees (IDEA, etc. - board appointed) may develop virtual content as a resource to members. 
  • Corporate members may pay for and produce content as part of the Industry Insights series. 
  • The Association may create virtual programming to further programmatic or strategic organizational goals and/or to further partnerships.