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The following questions were asked at a previous PlantSnap Webinar. 

  1. What does PlantSnap do with the raw demographic data?
    • PlantSnap does nothing with the data but they are keeping it so that scientists can use data to chart when plants are blooming over time.
  2. How does the picture link with the location? With GPS?
    • The picture links with the location through GPS.  If you do not allow the app to know your location, the image will not be linked to the location.
  3. Can cultivars be identified and does supplying the plant list help with this?
    • Yes, that is why PlantSnap is asking for the list.
  4. Should the Plant list be refreshed regularly and any updates sent PlantSnap?
    • Yes, as often as your garden updates your plant list it should be sent to PlantSnap.
  5. Do we have access to use all these features for free?
    • Yes.  The Pro version will be given to the director of the garden.
  6. How many active users do you have?
    • It is a seasonal app and the active users
  7. Do you have a quick learn guide?
    • Yes, on the PlantSnap website there is a “getting started video” on
  8. Can we leverage our Plant Maps to improve the accuracy of the ID to a limited search species to a limited area of the visitor’s location?
    • Unfortunately, we can’t do that because most users don’t allow their location, so the app was not built around that. 
  9. How do users register images to the conservatory as opposed to the user taking the image elsewhere?
    • If locations services are on, then the app will know the user’s location.
  10. Who do you work with to upload your plant list?
    • The American Public Gardens Association and BGCI
  11. Does the Association receive funds if a user is using the free version?
    • Yes, through the ad revenue
  12. What’s the cost to participate?
    • There is no cost to use the free app with ads.  The paid version is a 1.49/month
  13. Are there any features that we can use to provide about the garden or is it solely for plant information?
    • There is already information about your garden in the app.  Unless your garden asked the Association to remove your information. There is a pinned location in the app that can be used to send information to a user that they are close to your garden.
  14. What plant repository does PlantSnap use to keep the names up to date?
    • PlantSnap uses what is provided by the Association and BGCI.
  15. I’ve heard QR codes aren’t used by the general public anymore.  Is that true?
    • No, there used to be a separate app to use a QR code, now all modern phones have QR codes built into their cameras so that you can use your phone's camera to scan the QR code.
  16. Can herbarium specimens be included?
    • Yes absolutely
  17. What if we don’t have great Wi-Fi service in all areas of our garden and will the app still work well?
    • All the App needs is a data connection, you do not need Wi-Fi.  You don’t even need a strong data connection to upload a photo. You can even upload a photo later by saving the photo to your phone.
  18. Is it possible for guests to use the app without given over any of their demographic data?  Is there an Opt-In or Opt-Out option?
    • PlantSnap does not know any person’s demographic data.  The service being used strips away any personal information.
  19. When you say gardens will be provided with QR codes, other links, and materials, does that include signage and QR signage for the Garden?
    • It will include up to five to six designs that PlantSnap can provide for signage, posters.
  20. How do I update my Gardens information in PlantSnap if it is incorrect?
    • Contact the Association via to have your information updated and the Association will send PlantSnap the updated information.  This could be an incorrect location or description as an example.
  21. Should we encourage our visitors to take pictures of plants even if they are identified?  Is there a method to enter the name to add to the Machine Learning?
    • Absolutely, even if the plant has a plaque or tag telling what it already is.  They can learn more information from within the app and it does help the algorithm.  Because technology is different, how the photo is taken and when it was taken all helps the app.
  22. How do you make sure the users are not misidentifying plants?
    • PlantSnap has a team of Botanist and they screen and verify most photos.
  23. Can we provide our plant list to help improve plant identification for users and the app but not promote it in other ways?
    • Yes.  PlantSnap is more than happy to use your data and they want people to learn about plants.
  24. Do you have any idea of how plants are misidentified in the app and is there a recommended way to get the best results?
    • There are three rules:
      1. Only one species in the species in the image
      2. It can’t be blurry.  Details matter
      3. Good lighting
  25. When you upload a Plant list how does the app match the cultivar to that plant?
    • If the cultivar is not on the list, the cultivar would need to be trained in the app to verify it.
  26. GDPR compliance for users and gardens
    • PlantSnap is fully compliant.
  27. Can a user see your full plant list separate from taking a photo?
    • The PlantSnap is searchable but it will not show the entire list.
  28. If a garden wanted to get users photos is that possible?
    • Yes, it is possible.
  29. Are advertisers vetted?
    • PlantSnap works with Google and uses filters and all ads will be plant-related and garden related.