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Lesson: Insect Sounds in their Environment

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Due to printing costs, you must order a minimum of 25 copies of each type of materials. If you are in need of just a couple of copies, you can download them and print them yourself from the Plant Heroes website.

LESSON SUMMARY: Learners listen to and explore sounds that insects make. They use those sounds as clues to understand what the insects are doing as they interact with their environments and consider how these behaviors help the insects live. 

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Lesson: Who Needs Trees?

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Due to printing costs, you must order a minimum of 25 copies of each type of materials. If you are in need of just a couple of copies, you can download them and print them yourself from the Plant Heroes website.

LESSON SUMMARY: In this hands-on exploration, learners strengthen their observation skills as they look for signs of life in and around a tree and discover who needs trees. 

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Looking at Leaves Journal

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Just Published May 2023

Have you ever wondered why plant leaves come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures? Our Looking at Leaves Journal answers this question and introduces learners to leaf adaptations.  Leaners will observe leaves up close, search for leaf adaptations, and use what they learn to create their own new leaves.

This journal is designed to be used at your local public garden in multiple seasons. 

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Wellness Walk Journal

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Just Published May 2023

Did you know spending time outside in nature can make you feel better? Research studies show that spending time in nature improves our physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Our Wellness Walk Journal will help learners walk their way to happiness and good health. Along the path, they will connect with nature, move their bodies, take deep calming breaths, and share their gratitude for our beautiful world!

This journal is designed to be used outside in a variety of greenspaces and seasons. 

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Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden-NATURE RESERVE HORTICULTURIST-Wed, 04/26/2023 - 8:49pm

Garden Overview
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s mission is connecting people through plants to improve communities.
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, including the Lewis Ginter Nature Reserve, reveals the unity and integration of human and plant life, celebrates the fundamental significance of the natural world, and enriches communities through horticultural and educational excellence and innovative outreach activities.
Responsibility, Innovation, Integrity, Hospitality, and Inspiration

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
Duties & Responsibilities 

• Horticulture & Design
o Coordinate, oversee, and assist with the daily hands-on maintenance of the Nature
Reserve and plant collections in a manner consistent with the horticultural standards of
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.
o Physically work in all aspects of Reserve maintenance and development including soil
preparation, planting & transplanting, mulching, watering, weeding, fertilizing, pruning,
propagating, potting, raking, sweeping & blowing.
o Preserve the aesthetics of the landscape throughout the seasonal by developing plans,
selection of plants, and locate plant sources.
o Monitor plant collections for pests and diseases and implement control treatments with
support from Lewis Ginter IPM Horticulturist.
o Apply pesticides and fertilizers in accordance with IPM protocols and maintain
application records.
o Utilize hand and power tools effectively and in accordance with LGBG safety protocols
and regulatory standards.
• Collections Management
o Serve as a lead for the accreditation of the azalea and rhododendron collection.
o Collaborate with other public gardens, specialty nurseries, plant societies, and
hobbyists to locate and source plants to expand or support the collection.
o Report plant additions and removals to the Plant Records Curator; perform periodic
plant inventories and request accession tags and display labels.
• Supervisory
o Prioritize horticultural tasks, develop work schedules, and coordinate their
implementation with staff and volunteers assisting at the Reserve.
o Lead and supervise Seasonal Gardeners, occasional interns, and volunteers.
o Monitor operation of irrigation, equipment and facilities at the Reserve.

Skills and Abilities
• Knowledge of and experience with edible landscapes and/or agricultural crop
maintenance practices and plant care appropriate to the region.
• Strong work ethic, keen interest in sustainable agriculture and organic food production,
and an enthusiasm for physical work outdoors.
• The ability to research vegetable cultivars and to plan crop sequences and design bed
• A demonstrated understanding of the horticultural practices and procedures required
for soil preparation, planting & transplanting, mulching, watering, weeding, fertilizing,
pruning, propagating, mowing, raking, sweeping & blowing, and tree & brush cutting.
• The ability to use shovels, trowels, fan rakes, grading rakes, spades, digging forks,
pickaxes, brooms, hand shears, hand saws, loppers, pole pruners & pole saws,
wheelbarrows, fertilizer spreaders, garden carts, ladders, and other hand tools
• The ability to operate push mowers, riding mowers, weed-whackers, backpack blowers,
push blowers, garden ATVs, pickup trucks, chainsaws, and other power equipment
safely and effectively.
• A willingness to interact with the public on an informal basis by answering questions,
providing directions, etc.
• The ability to follow written and verbal instructions.
• Possession of a valid driver's license.

1800 Lakeside Avenue Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
Richmond , VA 23228
United States
Virginia US
Education and Experience 

• An Associate's degree in Horticulture, Botany, Plant Science, or a related field.
• One years’ professional experience growing vegetables and fruits in a production
• Virginia Pesticide Applicator’s License (or the ability to obtain one within six months of
• Possession of a valid driver's license.
• Other combinations of education / experience appropriate to the job will be
• Proficiency in conversational Spanish desired.

Full Name 
LaToria Barham
Application Instructions 

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to

Employment Type

Job Categories

The Morton Arboretum-Postdoctoral Researcher, Oak Population Genomics-Wed, 04/26/2023 - 7:19pm

The Morton Arboretum is a world-renowned nonprofit botanic garden dedicated to the study, growth, and conservation of trees. The Arboretum’s Plant Systematics Lab and Herbarium seek a highly motivated individual to conduct population-level genomic and phylogenomic research on bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) and related species of eastern North America. The research is part of a US-China international collaboration funded by the US NSF, investigating the effects of genomic diversity, functional diversity, phylogenetic diversity, and introgressive hybridization on oak symbiont communities.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Oak Population Genomics
The Morton Arboretum
Duties & Responsibilities 

Essential Functions:

Analyze a ca. 700-individual resequencing dataset of oaks, to characterize the genomic architecture of species differentiation and (potentially adaptive) introgression.

Collaborate in analyses that integrate genomic, functional, and phylogenetic data with data on oak symbionts to characterize how oak diversity shapes biotic communities.

Identify genomic regions associated with adaptation to climate and collaborate in analyses relating these to tree performance in replicated common gardens.

Collaborate with a large group of American and Chinese researchers in characterizing common and divergent processes and patterns in the oak syngameons of eastern North American and eastern China.

Participate in maintaining a replicated common garden and collecting data from it.

Assist in collecting material for extraction and measurement, and herbarium specimens, from wild populations, as needed.

Assist with data curation and archiving of genomic data.

Conduct literature research and other independent learning as needed to accomplish tasks associated with the project and keep abreast of new scientific advances.

Prepare and submit scientific articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals, as well as other analyses needed by the partnership.

Participate in public outreach and data sharing efforts to promote and expand the general impact of the project.

Participate in the Herbarium and Plant Systematics lab group by mentoring early-career scientists, students and interns and being an active lab member through lab meetings and collaboration in supplementary projects as needed.

Contribute to the Science and Conservation department through collaboration, providing scientific input and guidance, and engaging in departmental activities such as Monday Tree Talks and occasional discussion and planning meetings.

Other duties as assigned.

4100 Illinois Route 53
Lisle , IL 60532
United States
Illinois US
Education and Experience 

Ph.D. in a biological field required, with expertise in comparative analysis of genomes, population genomics or phylogenomics, and hybridization or speciation. Strong skills in bioinformatics and coding are required; experience in analysis of genomic data from natural populations strongly preferred. Basic understanding of botany/plant biology. A successful track record as an emerging research scientist including demonstrated communication with academic and professional audiences through publications, presentations and/or other media, and a commitment to conducting relevant and timely research is required.

Success Factors: Strong analytical abilities. Self-motivated, with the initiative and resourcefulness to implement, evaluate, and report on research projects. Desire to conduct interdisciplinary research with other scientists. Ability to work and communicate with a dispersed team. Ability to write manuscripts for high-impact peer-reviewed scientific journals and communicate results to a broad audience. Ability to embrace and operate in line with our employee core values to take ownership, work together, keep learning, and make the Arboretum exceptional.

Full Name 
Holly Larson
Application Instructions 

To apply, visit

For full consideration, please submit your application by 5pm CT on Monday, May 15.

The Morton Arboretum is an equal opportunity employer – disability/veteran.

Employment Type

Job Categories

CHIHUAHUAN DESERT RESEARCH INSTITUTE-Summer Horticultural Internship-Wed, 04/26/2023 - 6:24pm

The CDRI Summer Internship Program is open to a graduate student or upper-level undergraduate student with a science major and an emphasis in botany, grasses, range management, environmental sciences, or wildlife. The intern will work side by side in the Botanical Gardens, planted sections of the 507-acre site, and the Greenhouse learning from CDRI's Head Gardener and its Executive Director.

Summer Horticultural Internship
Duties & Responsibilities 

* Learn about the care & maintenance of Trans-Pecos region native plants--particularly trees, grasses, soils, and cacti.
* Work with accessioned lists for both the cactus collection and the plants in the Botanical Gardens.

43869 State Hw. 118, P.O. Box 905
Fort Davis , TX 79734
United States
Texas US
Education and Experience 

The position is open to a graduate student or upper-level undergraduate student with a science major and an emphasis in botany, grasses, range management, environmental sciences, or wildlife.

Full Name 
Chihuahuan Desert Research Inst.
Application Instructions 

Access the application at

The application deadline is May 5, 2023.

Please submit the application to

Employment Type

Job Categories

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden-Horticultural Educator-Wed, 04/26/2023 - 5:26pm

Horticultural Educator


Horticultural Educator
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Duties & Responsibilities 

Essential Duties:

California Native Plant Landscaper Curriculum (40%)

Deliver course contents and evaluation for 3 or more cohorts each calendar year.
Work within the Theodore Payne Foundation CNPLC online portal to communicate with, manage, and export student contacts.
Maintain a database of participants and alumni, and communicate regarding opportunities for continued involvement.
Organize virtual learning opportunities for remote students using Zoom and other video conferencing platforms.
Coordinate contracted instructors, workshops, field trips, guest speakers, and other curriculum elements.
Coordinate program delivery spaces, including at the Garden and in the community. Ensure spaces are reserved and set up for class, as well as space clean-up.
Work with the Garden’s Marketing and Communications team to advertise, recruit, and manage the course.
Collect, organize, and input evaluation data.

Expert Consultation (25%)

Consult with design professionals on native plant design, landscape sustainability and maintenance specifications.
Provide site visits and design advice to homeowners looking to convert their yards to native plant landscapes.

Plant With Purpose Residential Gardener Program (10%)

Help develop and deliver a multi-contact native plant horticulture program at the Garden and at least four workshops in the community, at least twice a year.
Coordinate guest speakers and experts to assist with public workshop content delivery.
Train and manage volunteer Instructional Aides who will assist with workshop logistics and support.
Outreach to community partners and develop relationships that result in the delivery of native plant horticulture workshops in the community at locations away from the Garden grounds.
Deliver webinars, lectures, and other programs for partners and community organizations.
Collect, organize, and input evaluation data.
Refine and revise course content based on evaluation program results.
Provide grant writing and reporting support.

Sustainable Sites Initiative Coordinator (10%)

Serve as the Garden’s project manager for our Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES) application for Existing Landscapes Pilot Program.

Department and General Responsibilities (15%)

Attend regular department check-ins, program meetings, monthly All-Staff meetings, and quarterly planning meetings.
Collaborate with Education staff on interpretive materials and media.
Make presentations to conferences, partner organizations, and at meetings.
Help manage program budget.
Regularly report on accomplishments for annual reports, grant reports, and other official documents.
Produce articles and content for Garden newsletters, website Insights, social media, and other communications tools.

Knowledge and Abilities:

Expertise in California native plant horticulture, from design to propagation to installation and maintenance.
Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and accuracy.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Proficiency in Microsoft 365 Suite, with an emphasis on Word Excel, and SharePoint
Able to work weekends and evenings. Most CNPL and the Plant with Purpose Residential gardening programs will be held in the evenings and on the weekends.
Able to work independently and as part of a team to further the mission of the organization.
Able to multi-task, work under pressure, and manage time to meet deadlines and priorities.
Comfortable in a fast-paced environment that requires quick turnaround and flexibility.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

1212 Mission Canyon Road Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Santa Barbara , CA 93105
United States
California US
Education and Experience 

Qualifications and Experience:

At least three years' experience doing informal education, museum interpretation, or nature interpretation.
Bachelor’s degree in a related field, or equivalent combination of relevant education and experience.
Website management experience desirable.
Expertise in California botany/ecology, museum interpretation.
Written and verbal fluency in both Spanish and English

Certificates and Licenses:

Must have a valid California driver's license and maintain an acceptable driving record.
Physical Requirements:

Must be capable of occasional strenuous physical work including:

Sitting for up to 2.0 hours at a time and using a computer and phone for lengthy periods.
Standing/walking for extended periods of time
Lifting and carrying 30 lbs., bending, squatting, and walking stairs and the SBBG trails.
Tolerance of an outdoor work environment including exposure to outdoor environmental conditions, including extreme temperature fluctuations, rain, dust, allergens, poison oak, insects, small wild animals, and sun exposure.

Full Name 
Jill Freeland
Application Instructions 

For more information, and to apply, please visit

Employment Type

Job Categories

Red Butte Garden and Arboretum-Horticulturist II-Wed, 04/26/2023 - 5:17pm

Red Butte Garden is seeking a Horticulturist II for the Rose Garden, Floral Walk, and Amphitheatre. Performs high-level horticultural maintenance and supports the supervisor with ensuring the same in assigned garden areas, including the living plant collections held within.

Horticulturist II
Red Butte Garden and Arboretum
Duties & Responsibilities 

Performs garden maintenance and supports the supervisor to ensure all maintenance and preservation of assigned outdoor garden areas and the living plant collections meet excellent horticultural and aesthetic expectations and achieve individual collection objectives. This team has a strong focus on roses, plants in the Rosaceae family, perennials and grasses, spring bulbs, and annual plantings.
Assists and supports supervisor in managing and performing duties of natural border area maintenance, and waterway stewardship.
Assists supervisor with interviewing and hiring seasonal staff; jointly and independently leads seasonal staff and volunteers in the performance of garden maintenance while following safety guidelines.
Assists and supports the supervisor in evaluating, prioritizing, design, and implementing plant displays and improvements to plantings and garden areas that no longer meet performance expectations.
Monitors assigned areas and living plant collections for damage from a wide variety of pests, including invasive plant species, and coordinates treatment actions in advance to avoid disruption to scheduled events. Uses mechanical and chemical methods to safely control invasive plant species and garden pests.
Serves as a resource for professional horticultural knowledge through interacting with guests, responding to inquiries, and providing horticultural content for Garden publications and communications.
Participates in the Garden’s living plant Collection committees and meets periodically to monitor and evaluate the living plant collections, their care, and performance.
Ensures staff and volunteers are trained on department and UofU policies and guidelines applicable to the work performance required of their positions; enforces policies and guidelines accordingly.
Assists with snow and ice removal operations in a manner that is safe and efficient to preserve garden structures, hardscapes, and plant life.
Collaborates with the Horticulture department and supervisor to implement assigned section(s) of Fundraiser Plant Sales.
Reports and/or assists in coordinating preventative and routine maintenance and potential safety concerns.
May teach classes in areas of expertise.

300 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City , UT 84108
United States
Utah US
Education and Experience 

Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, Biology, or a related field, or equivalency (one year of education can be substituted for two years of related work experience), and two years of experience in horticulture. Strong knowledge and understanding of plant culture and best practices for ornamental and/or native plant care.

Additional license requirements as determined by the hiring department.
This position is not responsible for providing patient care.
Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.

Ability to identify major plant genera and species, knowledge of botanical names, and characteristics of a wide range of ornamental and native plants;
Ability to identify a wide variety of horticultural weeds, insects (including beneficials), and diseases, determine and implement appropriate treatment;
One year’s experience in leading others;
A valid driver’s license and proof of insurability;
A Utah Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicators License, or obtain within the first six months of employment;
Able to safely and proficiently operate all equipment and tools common to the trade, including but not limited to vehicles, tractors, mowers, snow plows, lifts, chainsaws, trimmers, etc;
Able to safely and effectively perform all physical tasks essential to the position and to work safely in inclement conditions, heat, cold, precipitation, etc.
Demonstrated human relations skills; including effective written and oral communication;
Commitment to providing excellent customer service and maintaining a consistent professional demeanor/presence;
Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office suite and Adobe;
Demonstrated experience with landscape design;
Experience working in a public garden;
2 years of experience leading others:
Advanced degree in Horticulture;
Certification in Vertebrate Animal and/or Surface Water pesticide applicator categories.

Full Name 
Danielle Moreno

Employment Type

Job Categories

Descanso Gardens-Facility Crew Member-Wed, 04/26/2023 - 3:28pm

Descanso Gardens seeks a Full-Time Facilities Crew Member responsible for the proper set-up and strike of all events and activities that take place at the Gardens and the care and maintenance of Special Events equipment. In addition, the Facilities Crew Member ensures that the client’s facilities needs are met; ensures protection of Descanso Gardens’ assets; and ensures that security is maintained before, during and after an event.

Facility Crew Member
Descanso Gardens
La Cañada Flintridge , CA 91011
United States
California US
Full Name 
Courtney Polkowski
Application Instructions 

To apply: Interested parties may apply by submitting a MS Word or PDF Letter of Interest and Resume to Please include Facilities2023 in the subject line. Only those applicants meeting the minimum requirements and submitting all required information may be contacted for further inquiry. We will accept resumes until the position is filled.

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