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The Cornell Graduate Program in Public Garden Leadership (PGL) is an intensive one-year Master of Professional Studies program focused on... continue

Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Native Brings International Science, Education and Cultural Programming Experience   GLENCOE, IL (Dec. 11, 2015) - The Board... continue

Pitcher Plant

(Pitcher Plant, Jenkins Arboretum, photo courtesy of

By Ginny Smith, "Just guessing here, but you've probably never heard of a wildflower called Canby's mountain lover... continue

Gerry Donelly

LONDON, December 21, 2015 - Botanic Garden Conservation International (BGCI), the world's largest plant conservation network, announced... continue

A passionate advocate of public gardens and historic places, Patrick Newman joins the Wildflower Center from the University of Utah's... continue

Christopher Dunn

ITHACA, NY (October 28, 2015) - Dr. Christopher Dunn, the E. N. Wilds director of Cornell Botanic Gardens, has been named to the board of... continue