Monday November 9, 2015

Naples Botanical Garden achieved Plant Collections Network recognition in November 2011. The collection is divided into two separate parts: the species collection and a large collection of vetted and rated cultivars. Contributions to the collection were obtained from and through The Plumeria Society of America, The Elizabeth Thornton Estate, and Jungle Jack’s Plumerias of San Diego. The collection was decimated by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Since then the Collection’s Staff has sought to develop more intense curatorial standards for the collection including new horticultural protocols, a judging/scoring system, early research into pests and diseases, a new display protocol, and a system of nursery backups for the entire collection. As one of the specified collections in the NBG Plant Collections Policy, we take this one very seriously. It is our goal to present all the published and agreed-upon species of Plumeria as well as a broad representation of superior cultivars displayed in a format which maximizes access and ease of viewing for our visitors.


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    Naples Botanical Garden