HARRIS COUNTY, TX – Commissioner Tom Ramsey’s Office celebrates five decades of one of the region’s most beloved hidden gems, Mercer Botanic Gardens.

On Monday, January 8, 2024, community members and volunteers gathered to officially mark the Gardens’ 50th Anniversary and reflect on the growth and significance of the Harris County park.

“We’re very blessed here in Precinct 3 to be the home of such a special and unique park filled with plants from all over the globe,” said Commissioner Ramsey. “It is because of our staff and volunteers who dedicate their time caring for the gardens that every visitor is met with an unforgettable experience and further awareness of plant species and their benefits to our world.”

Mercer Botanic Gardens spans across 200 acres with 60 acres intensively cultivated to contain more than 10,000 cataloged and researched plants. Visitors not only enjoy the Gardens’ aesthetic value, but also the critical environmental role of these plants.

Thelma and Charles Mercer first created the Gardens and wanted to share it with the public, which became reality when Harris County purchased the property in 1974. Today, Mercer Botanic Gardens boasts an array of unique gardens and features like Storey Lake Garden, the Children’s Garden, a Healing Garden, Tropical Garden, Prehistoric Garden, a Bamboo Garden, and more. Events like March Mart, children’s programs, family adventure series, and educational workshops attract an average of 200,000 visitors each year.

Precinct 3 recently held a grand opening for the reconstructed Mercer Visitor Center, which was renovated due to damage from Hurricane Harvey. The Baldwin Boettcher Library, also located at the Gardens, is currently undergoing reconstruction, and set for completion during the summer of 2024.

Mercer Botanic Gardens is located at 22306 Aldine Westfield Road in Humble. To learn more about the Gardens’ upcoming events during this 50th Anniversary and for volunteer opportunities, please visit pct3.com/MBG.

Mercer’s Original Building – 1973