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Membership FAQs 

Logging In 

How can I create a login and account? 

To be added to your company’s roster, you will need to contact your Company Administrator, or email

How do I reset my password? 

To reset your password, click the “forgot password” link on the login page. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Check your spam folder if you cannot find it, or email us at for assistance. 



When do I need to renew my membership?  

You can view when your membership is due for renewal by logging into our website. 


How do I renew? 

Please see the below video for instructions on renewing your membership with a credit card. Only main or billing contacts can renew the membership online; if you are not a company administrator, please give us a call at 610-708-3010 to renew your membership.  

We also accept payment by check and wire. For more instructions on wire payments, contact  

I was furloughed from my job due to COVID and can’t afford to renew my membership. Is there anything you can do?

We’re so sorry to hear that. Even though these are hard times, we want to keep you connected as a member. If you have financial constraints but would still like to remain affiliated with the association, you can join or renew as an Entry Level Member for only $10 annually. If you need help changing your existing membership type, please reach out to us at

Roster Updates 

How do I add a staff member to my roster?

Adding a staff member to your roster is easy! Please see the below video for instructions. Only main or billing contacts or Company Administrators have the access to add people to the roster. 

How do I delete a staff member from my roster? 

Only Association staff can remove staff from rosters, and we are happy to help with these updates! Please email us at with a list of staff you’d like to remove. 

How do I add a Company Administrator to my roster?

Please see the video below for instructions on adding additional Company Administrators. Please note that only current Company Administrators can make these changes.


How do I access benchmarking? 

Main contacts have access to our benchmarking platform and can request additional staff to be added for access. To view our benchmarking platform click here. For more information about benchmarking, please see our benchmarking videos

Joining Communities 

How do I join a community? 

Registering for Events 

How can I register for events? 

Visit our Events page and navigate to the event you are interested in. The Event profile will have details on the registration process. If you experience any issues while registering for an event, email

Member Benefits 

How do I find information on affinity programs? 

Please see our page on affinity programs here!

Association Logos 

How do I download a member logo for my website? 

To download an Association logo to use on your website or print materials, login to your account here.

For all additional questions, please email, or call 610-708-3010.