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Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Subscription Program

This American Public Gardens Association member benefit provides current Association member institutions with the opportunity to offer Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart Living magazine subscriptions as an incentive to their new members. Offer valid in the United States and Canada.

Attention! For those who are familiar with this program, please note our new system. Download the file and send to your new members. It contains easy instructions for your new members to follow to receive their free subscriptions.

Download/print the order form here.

If you are new to this using this benefit, see below for further details and instructions.

What is it?

  • This Subscription Program is a Member Benefit for Association Institutions (it is not available for individual members) to use as an incentive to attract new members.
  • This Member Benefit is available for new members to an Association Member Garden/Institution.
  • The Subscription Program provides a one-year magazine subscription to each person that purchases a new membership from an Association Member Garden.
  • The Program is voluntary – the Association provides a one-page form that garden staff can print and give to new members that join.

What are the Guidelines?

  • Your Institution must be a current Association Institutional Member.
  • This Member Benefit is intended to be an incentive to increase your membership sales.
  • Please do NOT send forms to current members.
  • If a new member already has a subscription, they can complete the form & mail it to get a bonus year, or click on the link on the form.

What Do I Have to Do?

  • Each participating Garden/Institution will designate a representative (or the Membership Manager).
  • Email the form to your new members. 
  • After you print out the form, simply distribute them to people that have purchased new memberships – It is best to include the forms in your acknowledgment letters.
  • Do NOT distribute the subscription forms to current members – The Subscription Program is intended to drive FUTURE membership sales.
  • This Program is NOT retroactive.
  • Provide clear instructions: To redeem the subscription, each person must fill out the form and mail it directly to Better Homes & Gardens (not to you). Clarify to your members that it does NOT happen automatically. They have to complete the form. Allow 6-8 weeks for processing. They may use the link.
  • You are encouraged to promote this Member Benefit on your own website as an incentive to new members.

Who Should I Contact with questions?

Please direct all ordering inquiries to or the customer service line 800-303-0344.

For Better Homes & Gardens or Martha Stewart Living customer service, please email

Membership Questions?  Email