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Conservatory Division 5513 Vine Street
Cincinnati , OH 45217
(513) 618-7262

Founded in 1932, Rough Brothers’ original focus was greenhouse maintenance and repair. Today, the breadth of services and products has grown and exceeded what the original ‘Rough’ brothers could have imagined. The Conservatory Division at Rough Brothers represents one of many specialized internal teams. Although overall project responsibility rests with a single Rough Brothers’ project manager, there is an equally talented and experienced group of people right behind that project manager who help insure the success of every project. Much of Rough Brothers Conservatory Division’s success is directly attributable to the American Public Gardens Association and its member gardens. Of similar importance is Rough Brothers’ continued design emphasis on performance over “looks.” Rough Brothers always strives to have your final conservatory design blend with the architectural intent or theme of the gardens, and always allow for a world class plant exhibit facility. Accordingly, Rough Brother’s role in the early design stages of any conservatory has become more beneficial to the project’s overall success. People often ask, “What is the difference between a greenhouse and a conservatory?” Rough Brothers sees the key difference being: greenhouses are for plants; conservatories are for plants and people. No matter how complex the design, the challenge is to create an environment that allows the plant life to flourish, but also provides a comfortable experience for the visitor. Achieve these two performance aspects and deliver them in a fashion that is both energy efficient and maximizes the facility’s service life; and expectations are you will have a hugely successful project. Please visit Rough Brothers’ website: or visit the corporate office and manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information contact Ryan Charek at (513) 618-7226.