Earth to Sky at the Discovery Garden to Raise Vital Funds, Celebrate Outdoor Art, and Support the Wailuku Arts District

WAILUKU, MAUIImua Discovery Garden is thrilled to announce a spectacular outdoor sculpture exhibit, the largest of its kind in Maui County, aimed at raising crucial funds for the nonprofit organization while fostering a deeper appreciation for outdoor art and bolstering support for the Wailuku Arts District. This landmark event promises to be an enriching experience for both art enthusiasts and the local community.

Earth to Sky at the Will Smith Imua Discovery Garden is an immersive outdoor sculpture experience coming this holiday season. Positioned throughout the historic 6-acre Wailuku property, this temporary installation of 20+ works in bronze and steel spanning up to 30 feet in height will be on view for the calendar year 2024.

Imua Family Services, known for its commitment to early childhood development, therapeutic services and educational programs, has collaborated with renowned artist Steve Tobin to create an awe-inspiring sculpture exhibit that will transform Imua Discovery Garden into an outdoor art gallery. The exhibit will feature pieces from several series – including modernist Steelroots, unearthed Bronze Roots, stainless steel Clouds, and bronze and steel Nests – all of which dramatically capture the unseen power of the natural world while celebrating the importance of the systems that give life to the Garden’s tropical, subtropical and arid collections.

Visitors to the Garden will have the opportunity to explore these magnificent sculptures while enjoying the serene natural surroundings that Imua Discovery Garden offers. This event provides an ideal backdrop for visitors to connect with art, nature, and community.

The sculpture exhibit is not only a celebration of creativity but also serves a vital purpose. All proceeds generated from this event will directly contribute to Imua Family Services’ mission of providing support and resources to children with developmental challenges and their families. With the support of partners such as PASHA Hawaii, which is generously sponsoring the shipping of the sculptures to and from Maui, Imua Family Services is able to ensure its continued success in delivering essential services.

Moreover, this initiative aligns with the broader goal of fostering a thriving arts scene within Wailuku and supporting the developing Wailuku Arts District amidst this especially difficult time for Maui and Hawaii.

“By continuing to make art accessible on a grand scale, this exhibition contributes to a broader appreciation of the arts, encouraging our wider community to explore their own creativity,” shares Kelly McHugh-White, Chair of Maui Public Art Corps and lead of the County of Maui’s Wailuku Arts District management planning initiative, “as part of the Wailuku Arts District, Imua Discovery Garden is investing in an opportunity that will impact both their mission as well as generate interest in the many arts offerings that Wailuku Town offers. This is an exciting moment in our Arts District journey.”

“We are excited to bring this exceptional outdoor sculpture exhibit to the community,” says Dean Wong, Executive Director of Imua Family Services, “this year-long experience embodies our commitment to not only enrich the lives of the children and families we serve, but also to contribute to the vibrant cultural landscape of Maui. We invite everyone to join us for a memorable celebration of art, nature and community.”

Imua Discovery Garden’s Earth to Sky exhibit promises to be an unforgettable experience as well as a remarkable fusion of art and philanthropy. We encourage everyone to attend, show their support and be a part of something truly extraordinary.

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About Imua Discovery Garden:

Imua Discovery Garden is run by Imua Family Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering children living with developmental challenges and their families. The agency operates across Maui, Molokai, and Lanai through programs which include clinical therapies and play-based activities and experiences that children need to develop fully and reach their full potential.

About Steve Tobin:

Steve Tobin (born 1957, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a contemporary American sculptor who lives and works in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Throughout his 40-year career, he has created nature-based works in glass, clay, wood, bronze, and steel, but is best known for his Roots sculptures.

About Wailuku Arts District:

The Wailuku Arts District, nestled in the heart of historic Wailuku Town on Maui, is a vibrant hub for creative expression and cultural enrichment. This district is home to a diverse community of artists, galleries, and cultural organizations, all of which come together to celebrate and promote the arts. Imua Discovery Garden’s collaboration with the Wailuku Arts District underscores its dedication to fostering creativity, supporting local artists, and enhancing the cultural vibrancy of the region.