The Quarry Gardens at Schuyler, opened April 2017, is a 40-acre natural area featuring two miles of trail around water-filled, abandoned soapstone quarries in Schuyler, Virginia. The site is designed on ecosystem modeling principles, taking advantage of the unique characteristics of 14 ecozones and 7 conservation areas. Trails are interlaced with more than 30 designed galleries of local native plant communities, including many plants propagated from the site. The Visitor Center includes exhibits and artifacts of the quarrying era in Schuyler—one of only a few places in the world where soapstone is found. It also includes exhibits and records related to native plants found on the site; a Demonstration Garden designed to show how native plant communities can fit into more formal settings; and a classroom configured for lectures and workshops. Research related to horticultural and landscaping uses of native plants is planned. Free guided tours for individuals and families, and events for organized groups, may be reserved online at: