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What’s Growing on at Monticello?

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020
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12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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Big changes are coming soon to Monticello! In the years ahead, we are developing an innovative farming center highlighting Thomas Jefferson’s connection to food, farming, and civic agriculture. Learn about our goal of connecting guests to a national farm model for regenerative agriculture, a landscape that simultaneously supports diverse crop enterprises and ecological restoration goals. Monticello Center for Food and Farming will involve academic partnerships and public programming to educate people on the challenges and opportunities facing American agriculture today. A major focus will consider how Jefferson’s horticultural pursuits and experiments in the garden have relevance to issues faced today, from addressing climate change to promoting native plants and healthy habitats.

Keith Nevison serves as Manager of Farm and Nursery Operations for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello. In this role, he oversees a thriving nursery business at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants and is working to successfully launch a 21st century center for innovative farming, which aims to engage a broad audience in discussion on food, public health, and regenerative agricultural issues. Mr. Nevison earned his MS in Public Horticulture from the University of Delaware through the Longwood Graduate Program and his BS cum laude in Environmental Studies from Portland State University, Oregon. For 15 years, his work has included landscape management, organic food production, nursery horticulture, and ecological restoration.

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