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Webinar: Landscape Gardening – The Weed Assassin’s Guide

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm
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Native landscapes require an entirely different approach to maintenance, which Ken Williams calls Landscape Gardening. It is a unique way of maintaining gardens based on knowing that landscaping is a dynamic process and that plants are living creatures, not “features” in a static garden. Williams will show how to maintain diverse, synergistic communities that continually evolve. Participants will learn that maintenance takes less physical work and more mental work when landscapes are understood in this way. Practices are different because the goals are different, and workers quickly become partners in developing new ways to support rather than “manage” nature.

Ken Williams is staff Horticulturist for Ringers Landscaping out of Fox River Grove Illinois, where he manages crews that maintain landscape plantings on over 120 properties.  With a background in food production, he spent 16 years gardening a 100 acre city park and small zoo in southeast Kansas. The methods he advocates focus on each plant’s unique natural history, and the efficiency that knowledge produces.

Fee: Free - $10

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