Monday, November 13: Innovation and Engaging Audiences

1-2pm Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Innovation – Dan Domagala

2-4pm Online Content Creation Made Easy: Three Free Tools to Try – Analisa Burke

Democratizing Environmental Education through Digital Engagement – Kate Reilly

Save the Earth with Your Smart Phone: A Look at Community Science Phone Apps – Erin Mills

The Armchair Botanist Program: An Online Community Science Project to Capture Plant Diversity Information from Historic Museum Specimens – Tiana Rehman

4-5pm Show-and-Tell

Tuesday, November 14

1-4pm – Everything GIS

Our Garden’s Journey to GIS – Laurel Hill

How to Map Irrigation Requests using GIS – Aryn Musgrave, Michael Flores, John Lucotch

Cultivating Excellence: Innovations in Botanical Garden Management through GIS Integration – Katie Chiu

Integrating Plant Collections with GIS and Maps for Public Engagement – Chris Gabris

Ask Me Anything – All panelists

4-5pm – Technology Enabling Collections and Research

Sonic Tomography for Tree Risk Assessment – Manny Nassar

Ecoregions: Why They Matter and How We Find Them – Alyssa Tseng

Visualizing Living Collections – An Example from the Fort Worth Botanic Garden – Jason Best

Wednesday, November 15

1-3pm Collaboration, Buy-in, Workflow, and other Lessons Learned from Tech Implementation

Tips and Tricks for Working Across Departments to Choose and Implement a New Software – Katie Sharrard

Digital Asset Management System Selection and Implementation at Denver Botanic Gardens – Rick Levy

Lessons Learned from Launching Digital Membership Card Program – Sarah Glas

Helpdesk – The Engine of a Botanical Garden – Georgine Muc

3-4pm Perspectives on Plant Records Databases

Transforming Plant Record Systems From Annoying Task to Useful Tool – Jess Brey, Steve Conaway

Moving Mountains (of Data): How to Migrate Your Plant Records – Jessica Wong

4-5pm Public Gardens of the Future: A Technology Forecast – Carissa Dougherty, Jason Best