Today more than ever, students need to learn not only how society is working to solve its most challenging problems, but also how to think critically and creatively about solutions. Yet it can be difficult for educators to find relevant and timely teaching materials that go beyond theory and show students what’s happening in the real world. The Solutions Journalism Network’s “teaching collections” fill that gap. In this webinar, educators will learn how to access and use these curated collections — each one with five plus stories, discussion questions and teaching notes — and on the timely and urgent topics of the UN Global Goals and Project Drawdown’s Climate Solutions. The webinar will also provide an illustrative example of how a SolutionsU teaching collection was applied at Babson College in an advanced seminar focused on Sustainable Development Goal #6: Clean Water & Sanitation. SJN is updating each collection to include relevant COVID-19 stories as they become available. 

Solutions journalism stories investigate a response to a problem in meaningful detail; focus on its effectiveness, not just good intentions; present available evidence of results; discuss the limitations of the approach; and seek to provide insights that others can use. Together, these attributes make these stories rich resources for the college classroom. Educators will also learn how to create assignments using stories from the Solutions Story Tracker, a database of 8,000 plus solutions stories from around the world, all curated, vetted and tagged by SJN staff and searchable by issue area, social change strategy, geographic location and more.

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