No other global issue demands more immediate attention than the beleaguered state of the environment. This course explores a contemporary ‘state of the planet’ snapshot across ecological concerns, including global climate change, desertification, species extinction, food crises, water quality/shortages, infectious diseases and storm mitigation. Educators will then consider how various modes of human development impact and connect these issues. Integral to this approach will be an analysis of organizations working to address global environmental concerns on a local, regional, national, and global scale. Registration closes on February 20. 

The Global Competence Certificate was launched in 2014 with the goal of increasing the number of educators professionally trained to teach for global competence. As the program grew, there was a demand from teachers to enroll in single courses. In 2016, we introduced that option.

In-service educators may register for select GCC courses outside of the full certificate program. Courses last for 8 weeks and participants should be prepared to devote approximately 6 hours per course per week to synchronous and asynchronous coursework. There are 4-6 synchronous class meetings during each 8-week course and these meetings generally are scheduled for 1.5 hours on weeknights between 6pm and 10pm Eastern time.