The workshop is FULL. Please stay tuned for future opportunities!


We are pleased to announce Bellevue Botanical Garden will be hosting our Northwest Sentinel Plant Network Regional Workshop! The event will take place April 2nd and 3rd in the beautiful Washington spring.

As public gardens, we are strategically positioned to help protect plants from serious pests and diseases by monitoring our collections and educating the public about the impact of these threats and the importance of early detection and rapid response. The Sentinel Plant Network supports these activities by providing its members with free professional development opportunities, monitoring tools, and educational outreach materials. There is no registration fee and we will reimburse your organization for transportation expenses and one night of lodging for each participant!

Join us this April and learn how we can help you protect your collections by becoming an early detector of pests and pathogens of national importance.

There is no fee to enroll, and once your garden has joined the Sentinel Plant Network you are eligible to send up to two staff members to our workshop. 

During this two-day workshop:

  • Attendees will learn how to interpret signs and symptoms of different kinds of plant pests and diseases and work more efficiently with diagnosticians and regulatory officials to stop serious threats. 
  • We will debut new Sentinel Plant Network resources for front line horticulturists and plant health care professionals including scouting alerts, monitoring checklists, identification aids and train-the-trainer materials. 
  • We will present an overview of the program's educational outreach materials available to our partners, as well as guidance on how to obtain them and integrate them into their gardens.

These workshops are the key to understanding all the resources available through the Sentinel Plant Network. Come and learn how your garden can take advantage of this program and play an active role in plant conservation by helping stop serious pests and diseases!

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Our contracted hotel is FULL. After you have registered, we will provide you with alternative lodging options.


For more details or questions please contact Tyler Hale: