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The web-based “Communityenabled Lifecycle Analysis of Stormwater Infrastructure Costs” (CLASIC) tool is intended to support stormwater infrastructure planning and decisions using lifecycle costs to compare green, hybrid greengray, and gray infrastructure practices. There are three main components to the CLASIC tool outputs: (1) life cycle costs; (2) assessed value of cobenefits (environmental, social, financial); and (3) performance. This webcast presents a rigorous framework of life cycle cost analysis for green and gray infrastructure, along with a live demo of CLASIC tool features and user interface. In addition, the webcast provides an overview of beta testing process for community engagement.

Harry Zhang, PhD, PE, The Water Research Foundation
Sybil Sharvelle, PhD, Colorado State University
Tyler Dell, Colorado State University
Jennifer Egan, PG, PhD, University of Maryland
Christine Pomeroy, PhD, PE, University of Utah
Michele Pugh, Wichita State University

Michele Pugh, Wichita State University

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