The forests of North America have endured a multitude of invasive pests over the last century. These invasions have not been limited to trees in rural forests: Dutch elm disease and emerald ash borer have decimated trees in urban and community forests. Scientists at the USDA Forest Service have been tackling the resistance breeding for decades, mainly at the Northern Research Station. In this webinar I will highlight ongoing work to improve resistance in American elm, ash species, and butternut to Dutch elm disease, emerald ash borer, and butternut canker, respectively.

Presentation Objectives:
(1)Review suite of invasive pests that have impacted trees in the eastern US
(2)Describe efforts to improve resistance to these pests, and success rates so far
(3)Discuss how partners (state, federal, tribal, NGO) and private landowners may
contribute to these efforts.

Presenter: Carolyn (Carrie) Pike, Forest Regeneration Specialist, USDA Forest Service, Eastern Region, State and Private Forestry

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This webinar is part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forest Ecology and Management Webinar series hosted by the National Conservation Training Center.