Eastwick, a low-lying neighborhood in Southwest Philadelphia, is at risk of both riverine and coastal flooding, a common yet inadequately studied problem for estuarine-adjacent communities. Eastwick has a fraught history of urban renewal and broken promises by the city, and now faces an uncertain future due to sea level rise and riverine flooding, exacerbated by Climate Change. There are many studies highlighting environmental justice and Climate Change vulnerability in Eastwick; this seminar features a few of those studies. Dr. Philip Orton of Stevens Institute will provide the context for studying compound flooding in a community like Eastwick. Then Ashley DiCaro of Interface Studios will describe the history of planning and policy in Eastwick, from the Lower Eastwick Public Land Study. Finally, Christiana Pollack of Princeton Hydro will describe an analysis of the Lower Darby Creek and its flooding impacts on Eastwick.

This event is FREE to attend and refreshments will be served! The seminar is livecast for those that cannot attend in person can attend online.

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