A Climate Learning Network/ANREP Climate Science Initiative collaboration in partnership with the Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project, this webinar will introduce a series of tools for scheduling irrigation for improved water management and water use efficiency.

When scheduling irrigation on their farms, U.S producers commonly rely on recent precipitation patterns, crop growth stage or appearance, or, in some cases, general observations of soil moisture in the upper portion of the root zone. These methods are not based on actual consumptive water use or soil profile water content and can result in significant over- or under-irrigation. This webinar will provide information on three irrigation scheduling tools: the WISE Irrigation schedulerKanSched3, and the Dashboard for Irrigation Efficiency Management (DIEM). These tools were developed to help support water use decision making by producers located in the High Plains and other regions with limited precipitation and water resources. Overviews and demonstrations of each tool will be provided, as well as information related to field research, modeling efforts and other work currently underway to develop these tools further and to improve their user-friendliness.

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