Please join us in two weeks for our next community-wide phone call. The tentative agenda is below. Additions are welcome — please let us know if you have anything to add for discussion!

Call: (641) 715-3580; Code: 681-175

The Canada access in is: 559-546-1400, code 68117, then the code above.

Draft Agenda

  • Goals of the Food and Agriculture Communities Section (Tara)
  • Updates to APGA website and Food & Ag Communities Section (Tara)
    1. Navigating to our page
    2. References section
  • 8+ Food and agriculture-releated sessions for LA APGA
    1. Tues 1:45 – Leveraging connections with agriculture
    2. Wed 8:45 am – Landscape to Harvest: Creative, Innovative and Engaging Uses of your Garden Bountry  
    3. Wed 8:45 am – Mapping Public Gardens to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
    4. Wed 3:00 pm – Food Evolution Screening
    5. Thursday 9:45 am – Roots Rising: An Agricutlure Based Youth Development for At-Risk Youth
    6. Thursday 8:00 – Exploring the Role of Vegetable Gardens
    7. Thursday 10:30 – Food and Ag Community Meeting
    8. Friday 12:00 – Food and Ag Family Meet Up
  • Food and AgroDiversity Symposium – April 2019 in World Food Prize (update from Ari)
  • As botanical gardens, how do we best communicate on complicated topics such as genetic engineering?
  • Bread Basket (other items)