The purpose of this webinar is to use real-world examples to demonstrate the value of data-driven operational intelligence in facilities environments. The webinar will outline the high-level value propositions of data integration, data access, and analytics but the primary goal is to showcase proven operational intelligence strategies, including:

– Integrating a Geospatial Information System (GIS) with SCADA and BAS data sources to provide complete transparency into utility distribution across the campus;

– Integrating cloud-hosted room reservation systems and BAS to schedule HVAC equipment to run, on an as-needed basis, and to share how this initiative has been approved for a major rebate program offered through a state-sponsored energy efficiency program;

– Streamlining continuous monitoring to maximize value by only deploying high-impact algorithms for anomaly identification and fault detection in air handling units, chillers, pumps, and other HVAC system components.

– Maintaining a secure operational technology environment with continuous cybersecurity evaluations that include penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

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